Claire Danes / Mariah Carey
November 15, 1997

[OPENING] Hillary Clinton speaks to America for one minute

I thought that the Hillary and Bill Clinton were hilarious. Bill trying to change the subject so people would not listen was great

Grade: A


[MONOLOGUE] Claire Danes

I thought that this was not very funny. Claire Danes is not a comedy person.

Grade: D


[COMMERCIAL] The Weston Collection's I'm #1

It was not funny

Grade: F


[SKETCH] Barry Scheck's apartment

I thought it was great. All the people coming in made it a great sketch ... especially at the end when Barry talked about what happened.

Grade: A+


[SKETCH] The View

Not as great as it could have been.

Grade: C


[SKETCH] Bobbi & Marty Culp perform at Colbert College

Bobbi and Marty are always great in whatever they do. I thought it was a good sketch ... but Claire Danes did not act really mad, which kind of blew the sketch.

Grade: B


[TV FUNHOUSE] The Ambiguously Gay Duo

The "Duo" are always great. When they melted the ice together it made it even better.

Grade: A+


[SKETCH] Hallmark's Peter Pan

It was a great sketch. Chris Kattan and Ana Gasteyer were great. Claire Danes' Tinkerbell was also great. When she drank and then threatened to kill Peter and Wendy it made it even better.

Grade: A


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald was great again. "Weekend Update" will be great no matter what.

Grade: A+


[MUSICAL GUEST] Mariah Carey

I did not see it.

Grade: N/A


[SKETCH] Mr. Peepers goes home

I thought it was good. Kattan played a great Mr. Peepers. Claire also played a great girl who loved Mr. Peepers. It was the first time we have seen his family. The question I ask is "Will we ever se Mr. Peepers again?"

Grade: A


[SKETCH] CEO Dreamboats Magazine

Not the greatest sketch of the night. Their pursuit of The CEO Dreamboats was funny, but not that great. The magazine was funny, but not funny enough.

Grade: C+


[MUSICAL GUEST] Mariah Carey

I saw this one. It was okay, but I am not he biggest fan of Mariah Carey.

Grade: C


[SKETCH] The Louvre

I, personally, thought the sketch bombed. But that is my opinion.

Grade: F



I like the "Deep Thoughts." I did not see this sketch, but I think it was a good one. Jack Handey is always funny, yet, I have never seen him.

Grade: A



Overall, I thought this was a good episode. It will probably not be one of the best of the season, but I thought it was good. Although Claire Danes is not the funniest person in the world, she was good.

Grade: C+

Episode Review written by Mike Chappel

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