Claire Danes / Mariah Carey
November 15, 1997

[OPENING] Hillary Clinton speaks to America for one minute

I thought this was pretty funny. I like Darrell Hammond's Bill Clinton. I like how Bill Clinton kept stopping Hillary every five seconds.


[MONOLOGUE] Claire Danes

I thought this was a fairly good monologue.


[COMMERCIAL] The Weston Collection's I'm #1

Missed it.


[SKETCH] Barry Scheck's apartment

This was so funny. I cracked up.


[SKETCH] The View

Cheri Oteri's Barbara Walters is fantastic. It is Walters to a tee. I liked Tracy Morgan's impression of Star Jones, too. Very convincing.


[SKETCH] Bobbi & Marty Culp perform at Colbert College

I love these guys. I am glad they are recurring characters.


[TV FUNHOUSE] The Ambiguously Gay Duo

I enjoy this part of the show.


[SKETCH] Hallmark's Peter Pan

Oh my god. This was a great sketch. Chris Kattan was great as "The boy who wouldn't grow up." I also liked Claire Danes as Tinkerbell. I liked how Tinkerbell got drunk. That was pretty funny.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

Missed it.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Mariah Carey

I love her. I love the song.


[SKETCH] Mr. Peepers goes home

Missed it.


[SKETCH] CEO Dreamboats Magazine

I enjoyed this sketch. Just the thought of little girls giggling over CEO chairpeople makes me laugh.


[MUSICAL GUEST] Mariah Carey

I love this song too.


[SKETCH] The Louvre

Good sketch.



I thought this was stupid.



This was a good show. I liked the musical guest and the host. The host is hot.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Episode Review written by Brian Zebley

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