Claire Danes / Mariah Carey
November 15, 1997

[OPENING] Hillary Clinton speaks to America for one minute

We thought this sketch was a pretty good opening. It was nice to bring Ana in as Hillary Clinton. It really added a new spice of life to these present day President Clinton sketches!!!! Overall, not too shabby!

Grade: B


[MONOLOGUE] Claire Danes

This weeks monologue was very average. We like how it hit in something from her everyday life.

Grade: C+


[SKETCH] Barry Scheck's apartment

We're thinking ­ good! It was excellent how they hit on specific things from the different court cases. The writing was SUPER!! We were not expected anything great from a sketch that was making fun of Louise Woodward. But we really wound up laughing out loud! VERY GOOD!

Grade: A


[SKETCH] The View

This sketch was very well done! All the woman impersonate other people so well! This was the first time We really ever liked Tracy Morgan in a sketch! We always like any Barbara Walters sketches, ever since 1975 (Baba Wawa)!

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Bobbi & Marty Culp perform at Colbert College

Usually this sketch in general has been one of our favorite sketches from the current "Saturday Night Live" generation. But this time it was lacking something. We don't know what it is, but we know it wasn't there. We liked how they added something different to it by having Claire Danes as their daughter. This sketch is FINALLY started to slip, but definitely has not sunk.

Grade: B+


[TV FUNHOUSE] The Ambiguously Gay Duo


Grade: A+


[SKETCH] Hallmark's Peter Pan

Not too bad. We thought it was SUPER at the end how they actual showed Claire Danes hanging as the set was being disassembled. It actual showed how the sketch was REALLY live instead of prerecorded! Still, it wasn't that great.

Grade: B-


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Norm MacDonald

Very Average!

Grade: C+


[SKETCH] Mr. Peepers goes home

Mr. Pepper's goes home: This sketch was RIGHT ON! Once again Chris Kattan did a super awesome job playing Mr. Peepers. This sketch had a great premise and we welcome back Mr. Peepers' entire family anytime!

Grade: A+


[SKETCH] CEO Dreamboats Magazine


Grade: B


[SKETCH] The Louvre

We are sitting here waiting for the worst sketch of the night to come upon us (it being the very last one of the night). Boy were we wrong! It was GR-R-R-R-REAT! The women of "SNL" play off each other soooo well, that every sketch they do together is ALWAYS THE BEST! ("THE VIEW") Isn't it a strange that Tracy Morgan was in 2 all women sketches and had outstanding roles! This season Lorne has been putting some excellent sketches in the second half of the show ­ a big improvement from previous year. HIGHLIGHTS from THIS sketch: "Sank alive," "Party of Sank," "It just had me in stitches," and "Griiiite (great)."

Grade: A++ (A must for the best of 97-98 show!)



This episode didn't really have any sketches that totally bombed. Great episode. VERY consistent!!!!!

Best sketches:

Worst sketches:

Grade: A-

Episode Review written by Brett Rozanczyk & Jon Tanzer

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