Steve Buscemi / Third Eye Blind
April 4, 1998

Overview: I was really jazzed up for the prospects of this show. Steve is one of the great character actors in film today and fits in with the spirit of SNL. In fact, he's more SNL then SNL is nowadays.


Opening: Oprah? OJ!? GOAT BOY?!? One of the great White House sleepovers of recent memory. B


Monolog: Frankly I would have rather seen the SNLers do some real improv and show us some real cutting edge comedy. But in his first appearence of the night Buscemi was great. C-


Commercial: A xerox of a previously released sketch. As always, I would have preferred a second musical number. C-


Alice in Wonderland: First in line of a lot of off-balanced characters for Buscemi in the evening's show but not his best moment. And a waste John Hurt. C


Morning Latte: Gease is the word. Its got groove, its got meaning. You want to know something? A lesser actor never would have done what Buscemi did playing an obsessed fan. This sketch gets consistently better. Oh...one more thing. That really is Didi Conn's voice. B


Goth Talk: Getting them out of the basement was a shrewd move...and Buscemi's slimy janitor disturbed those who believed in doing the disturbing. B+


TV Funhouse: Not perfect -SNL's Titanic sketches have all needed work, but a very commendable effort. And I didn't know Molly Ringwald could sing. B


Stuff We Made: Weak, like the concept. C-


Weekend Update: Do you even have to ask? D


3rd Eye Blind: Well....its not "Semi-Charmed Life" but that didn't really matter. It was solidly performed. C+


Judge Judy: I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. Buscemi as the dance teacher was great and the latest Judge Judy sketch sucked. Tracy Morgan's role is insulting and just plain dumb. And it relies on cliches way too much. We don't even get variety...the defendent keeps on winning. C(Mostly for Buscemi)


Interview & Truck Driving Museum: I'm dealing with these two sketches at the same time. The interview which didn't seem to play well, I thought, was the better of the two but the audience didn't seem to agree with me. I thought maybe the humour was too obvious but the Truck Driving Museum went over very well and it bored the hell out of me. It can't be subtlety....I was really amazed in the difference. I'm really beginning to wonder about the average IQ of the SNL audience and if they're actually chimpanzees or what.(And I'm gonna get letters about that. Oh the joy in calling a spade a spade.) B-(Interview) F(Truck Driving Museum)


I Took A Gay Guy To the Prom: Okay. I thought the lines about three straight hours of thirtysomething and a Meredith Baxter(not Baxter-Birney...she's divorced.) movie marathon-maybe they'll show "She Knows Too Much" and the uncut version of "My Breast"?, were good nonetheless. C


Deep Thoughts: When in doubt let Jack Handey do the easy lay-up. A


Overall: Not a bad show and as I fully expected Steve Buscemi ate evryone of the cast alive. Despite playing a lot of nuts and slimeballs he brought NUANCE to everyone of them. The entire cast could take lessons from him.

Grade: B-


Episode Review written by Michael Keith Goodman

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