Steve Buscemi / Third Eye Blind
April 4, 1998

Opening-Pretty funny,liked all the usual suspects in on it. A


Mono-Ok. B


Alice in Wonderland-Sort of funny. B


Morning Latte-As usual funny because of the total cheesiness of the characters. "Really?""What?""Really?""What?" and "Did your husband Eli go too?" "No,we're seperated now." Also"No day old bread here." Good skit. A


Goth Talk-Stupid as usual. F


Tity-A little strange.C


Stuff We Made-Funny! Liked the ScareJeff and also"It's a wallet wallet." A


Weekend Update-Very lame.D


Third Eye Blind-If I hear this song one more time..... F


Judge Judy-As usual Tracey Morgan's baliff was the best. The rest was mostly funny. A


Job interview-Lame.D


Lifetime-Sorta funny."And I didn't get it" B


Truck thing-not funny C


Deep Thought-dumb. F


Overall it was ok.

Episode Review written by Maria

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