Garth Brooks
February 28, 1998

OPENING---Good premise. Hammond was excellent as usual. I wish Ferrell would have done a funnier accent. Shannon is not able to use her talents as Lewinsky. Any female on the show could play this part. 3 out of 10


MONOLOGUE---This was not very good. Could have done better "country" jokes. The song was pretty lame, but the band played it well. This SNL Band is excellent and it's a shame we don't get to see them more often. Maybe they could replace the musical guest once in a while with a performance by the SNL Band. 3 out of 10


COWBOYS---This started off as a funny take on Garth's popularity but got worse as it went on. It had quite a bad ending . 2 out of 10


MANGO---This sketch was pretty much exactly like every other Mango sketch. Kattan does many great characters on the show, but this one is quite annoying. The writers need to do something new with this character and put him in different situations (e.g. the Roxbury Guys) if they want to keep the character fresh. 1 out of 10


OPRAH---Hooray for Tim Meadows! He does a great job spoofing Oprah, with the constant eating being the funniest part. Bad idea to use Shannon twice as Monica Lewinsky in the same show. Bring back Mary Catherine! 4 out of 10


REAL AUDIO---I haven't seen a bad Real Audio skit yet, and this is no exception. The Conan portion was especially good as well as the idea to put Sally lower than the devil. 8 out of 10


OLD FRENCH WHORE---A good, original idea, but only an average skit. Garth was surprisingly dood until the short monologue at the end. Shannon and Cheri Oteri were strong as well. 6 out of 10


WEEKEND UPDATE---Most of the bits were funny and Colin Quinn is definitely getting better. I have finally come to grips with the fact that Norm will no longer grace us with his presence on historically the best part of the show. The Gasteyer/Brooks song was pretty funny as well. 8 out of 10


WHO'S MORE GRIZZLED---Norm got deserving applause at the beginning of this sketch. He did the best he could with the only part he was given in the show. I liked the "I don't much care for you" line and Norm's response. The characters were good, especially Duvall's. He is a great actor who can play about any part he is given. 9 out of 10


MUSICAL GUEST---I did not watch this part.


GOAT BOY---Good from the start. Breuer is always hilarious as Goat Boy. The highlight of this skit was Ferrell's cameo at the end, though I'm sure not everyone got the joke. Included to many characters in too little time. 6 out of 10


MOVIE PREVIEWS---The premise was pretty good, though this sketch dragged quite a bit. Tracy Morgan was the best part of this sketch, especially at the end. 4 out of 10


LAY LADY LAY SINGER---This skit was not very funny at all, though Ferrell had his moments. Duvall was wasted in this sketch. 2 out of 10


OVERALL--- The sketches at the beginning were pretty bad. There were some funny moments toward the middle of the show, especially the "Who's More Grizzled" skit. I would've liked to see Robert Duvall in more sketches. Garth Brooks also had some good moments. I am starting to get worried because this is the third or fourth week in a row that the show has not been very good. I don't recall the show slumping like this since '95-'96. At this time last year, almost every show was great. I think the writers are suffering from a lack of ideas, as we can tell by the overexposure of the Presidential Scandal. I guess I wouldn't be complaining if the sketches dealing with this topic were good. 4.5 out of 10

Episode Review written by Kevin

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