Matthew Broderick / Natalie Merchant
May 2, 1998

The opening skit "The Ladies Man" is always pretty good. It's not one of those skits that I laugh at loud at. It's just one you watch. Althought the Viagra was quite funny.


The monologue was good. I'm a big fan of Jim's. All the monologues are the same in funniness, yes funniness.


The commercials are always good, except this one. It was just stupid. Will Ferrel is great in all of them.


The view was ok I guess. Not as good as it could have been.


The perverted neighbors skit was great. The skit has been on the show before but in a different format. I loved the ending.


Pretty living sucked.


This commercial was great. No one will admit that they need it.


Ok, here is where I get ticked off. What the heck is Colin Quinn doing the Weeken Update for. He's a freakin dork. What were those producers thinking when they fired Norm, the funniest man alive. Although, there is one good thing about Colin's fake news, he has some pretty cool guests.


I always turn the channel unless it's a good band so I don't know on that one.


The Prime Ministers questions was great. I remember the one when Mike Myers (however you spell it) was the host. And they did one. That was a good one.


The Limousine ride sucked.


Tenacious D was horrible. They also sucked.


Comic Minds was ok. It really didn't have that SNL flavor. They just threw it in there to have a sketch

Episode Review written by Ryan Long

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