Matthew Broderick / Natalie Merchant
May 2, 1998

[OPENING] The Ladies' Man discusses Viagra

This is another segment that got nowhere.


[MONOLOGUE] Matthew Broderick

I don't know right off hand, but this monologue is probably second best to the Helen Hunt one this season. It had the bare essential goodness of a monologue: up-to-dateness. Also, Tracy Morgan was good. Jim Breuer was good, too.

Grade: ***1/2


[COMMERCIAL] Flex Speed Stick

This gets two points, then throws them away. Gets for taking a bold move: showing a brand new commercial late in the season. Throws away for the sick nature of the sketch. Stuck at two stars.

Grade: **


[SKETCH] The View

One of the best---I didn't even react when 'TV Guide' praised it themselves! I realize now that I shouldn't give stars to sketches so leniently! P.S. The comment I made earlier this year, about wanting to see the panelist talking in the bath, got the inspiration from the closing scene of 'Oprah's Book Club' over a year ago.


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

Colin Quinn is indeed funnier than Norm Macdonald. Not only tonight, but ever since Quinn's been anchor on a 'View' night, he's been second place. Tonight's highlight was the joke about Monica Lewinsky not getting a table at a restaurant.


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