Matthew Broderick / Natalie Merchant
May 2, 1998

The Ladies Man Discusses Viagra:

Not bad at all.....I've always liked The Ladies Man and his lisp. (Oooohhhh.......it's a lady!!!!!") I especially love when he asks, "Impotency......yeah........now WHAT IS THAT???"


Matthew Broderick Monologue:

Hmmm.......didn't really buy the Godzilla thing. As usual, Jimmy Breuer saves the day (or night, rather) when the host doesn't have a great monologue prepared. Tracy Morgan also has great talent and it's sad to always see him in stereotypical roles. Overall, an OK opening but they shouldn't have extended it for so long as it got rather dull after awhile.


Flex Speed Stick:

Great!!!!! Perfectly captured all those corny men's deodorant commercials. =)


The View:

Uh.........not so great. I enjoyed the Claire Danes one a lot more than this. Basically very repetitious w/ no real original material. My favorite part was when Cheri OTeri a.k.a. Barbara Walters tells Ana Gasteyer a.k.a. Debbie Methanopoulos to "get in her cage". But, an overall disappointment really.


Perverted Neighbors:

Hilarious!!!!!! Cheri Oteri and Chris Kattan make a great couple--"I think mama wants to get laid.....=)) I was also excited because aside from being an absolutely excellent actor/impersonator, Chris Kattan is utterly good-looking. I wish I could have been Cheri Oteri in his arms!!! =)


Pretty Living:

"I love it, I love it, I love it!" Molly Shannon the joyologist is strikingly accurate as one of those flashy, ecstatic, on-Prozac-type morning talk show guests/hosts. The real highlight of the sketch although laid back, passive Matthew Broderick holds his own as well. I was rolling on the floor.


Viagra.......I sure as hell don't need it:

LOVED IT!!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Perfect satire of men who can't admit to their.....um.......little PROBLEM. My favorite part? Regis Philbin--"If you think I need Viagra you can go straight to hell." Anyway, one of the best SNL-made commercials I've ever seen.


Weekend Update with Colin Quinn:

Aaahhhhh.........I've seen better.


Natalie Merchant:

I've always found this woman particularly interesting, especially because of her unconventional voice and different (but in a good way) face. I also liked her song and found myself singing it all Sunday.


The Celine Dion Show:

Oh, I always like this one!!!!! Although the physical resemblances to Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, and Gloria Estefan weren't quite accurate, "Gloria's" accent was perfect as was Celine's. Always a big hit, and this time Ana Gasteyer actually learned the words to "My Heart Will Go On".


Prime Minister Questions:

Teletubbies!!!!! A good one, but I liked the one where he goes "Oasis rules!" better. Accurately captures the atmosphere of the British court. I especially liked the "American" (Tracy Morgan) and Colin Quinn's Irish accent was unbeatable!!!


Limousine Ride on Prom Night:

A total flop. Typical "we're-so-close-to-one-o'clock-we-can-stop-being-funny-now" sketch. The only part I personally liked was when the teenagers are hooting, "we're SOOO cool!" because it reminds me of when my friends and I are acting pathetically corny and we think we're the coolest things that walk the face of this Earth.


Tenacious D:

What was THIS all about???!!! Boooooo...........


Comic Minds:

Terrible. I was propping my head up to keep from falling asleep.


OVERALL REVIEW: Not bad at all.........some better than others, but it was not a terrible show. Thanks for reading this review. E-mail me with comments if you like, and watch for my David Duchovny review (I LUST after that man so you can BET it'll be here)!!! [Editor's Note: I hope no one bet.]

Episode Review written by Celina Virelli

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