Elijah Wood / Jet
December 13, 2003

By Kristina

Hey, I'm back for another review! Before I start, I'm just very excited that Saddam was caught! Their probably going to do something like that next episode.

COLD OPENING:Hardball- YES! This is the best political sketch! The guests were Joe Lieberman and Hilary Clinton (Parnell and Poelher, i forgot Kenan's character) This was good, but why does Kenan play a lot of women? 8/10
Quotes:"You said 5 words and I'm already bored." "I haven't seen so much support since Pamela Anderson's bra strap."

Monologue- Kattan came back as Gollum! Then Gollum and Wood were talking about their Laverne and Shirley type of comedy. For a second, I thought they were going to do the Odd Couple, like what they did with Bush and Gore, the Presidential Couple. 7/10
Quotes:"NO. Gollum hates the Saturday Night Live." "The show's been sucking wind since Chris Kattan left."

St. Pauls Boys Choir- Forte,Fallon and Wood are young boys with funny pubic voices. The best is when Woods voice changes and then Fallon and Forte and him get his old voice back. This was alright. 6.5/10
Quote:" Do you know how much Tang I had to drink?"

Oueer Eye For the Straight Guy- They make over Santa! That's too funny.this was great. Fred really does look like Ted. Was Parnell even needed in this sketch? 9/10
Quotes:"What's with all these red suits? Its like Nancy Reagan's wardrobe"
"You're not Santa, You're Kathy Bates!"

TV Funhouse- This was great. When Bush went to NASA, he dressed up as Spock and when he went to Africa, he dressed up as a gorilla. The best part was when the other gorilla was humping him. 8/10

Wake Up Wakefield- I like this sketch, but this was bad. Where was Randy Goldman? 5/10

Jet-"Are You Gunna Be My Girl"- this song makes me want to get up and jump around when no one else is around, But I won't since I'm sick. 8/10

Weekend Update- Not a lot of good jokes this week. Jimmy's Bush joke and Tina's 20/20 and Bobby/Whitney jokes were good. I love Maya's Whitney. WOO! Lovely voice Kenan! That's the 2nd girl he's playing tonight! this saved WU. 7/10

Donatella's Designer egg nog- GET OUT! I love this skit.Elijah is Boy George and Horatio is Rosie O'Donell. This is one of her best impressions. 8/10
Quotes:"This chimmney is dirtier than Elton John's fudgehole!"
"Wait I don't swallow food."

Dean For America- This was good. Love Hammond's Gore. Finally he's doing good impressions! 7/10
Quote: Why can't gays get married? Bush is married."

Rialto Grande- Wait, I thought Kattan left. Why did he leave anyway? Anyway I hate this skit. I only like Fred and the Cocktail waitresses. 5/10

Jet performance- Another good song,finally a good musical guest! 8/10

Overall this episode was so so. A few sketches were weak.