Elijah Wood / Jet
December 13, 2003

By Jason

Hey everyone. Im so proud of myself, I've finally managed to write a review for two straight shows!!! Anyways, Elijah Wood is a great actor, but he's rarely seen in comedic roles so this will be a true test of how funny he really is. Jet is a relatively unknown rock band, who in my opinion is one of the best new artists out there. Im looking forward to their performance(s). Anyways on with the review.
Grading system- 1_horrid, 2_couldve been worse, 3_good, 4_great, 5_couldn't have been better

Cold Opening- Hardball sketches always get good reviews. Did anyone else notice that if Hammond comes back next season he'll pass Kevin Nealon for the most seasons on SNL as a cast member? anyways, this was funny as hardballs usually are.. ok that sounded bad, but you know what I meant. Rating_4

Monologue- Chris Kattan makes his second appearance of the young season. Anyone else think he's desperate for employment? It's odd, towards the end of last season, everyone couldn't wait for him to leave the show, now whenever he makes cameos, everyone loves it.. hmm... Rating_3

Choir- wow. Theyre singings so bad it rivals mine. But this was without a doubt the funniest sketch of the night. They really need to make this a recurring sketch, because I could not stop laughign. Rating_5

Queer Eye- The idea of giving Santa and Mrs Clause makeovers is pretty funny. I just knew SNL was gonna make fun of htis show sooner or later. But why didnt they get Kattan to paly one of the gay guys, he's so good at it lol. Rating_4

Smigel's cartoon- we havent seen one of these in a long while. This was really good, but it was too short. Rating_4

Wake up Wakefield- another sketch we haven't seen in a long time. I like the joke about fountains of wayne beign a flash in teh pan. so Megan likes Gay Aiken now? Rating_3

Jet- its too bad I dont rate musical guests, cuz these guys rocked.

Weekend Update- The John Meyer joke was absolutely hysterical. Jimmy Fallon explains what you did was funyn as well. The rest of update pretty much sucked. and Maya looks more like Wanda Sykes than Whiteney HOuston. Rating_3

Versace- Ive never seen a Versace sketch I liked. I am doubtful I ever will. Rating_1

Rialto Grande- omg I can not believe they brought this back. This was one of hte funnier ones. Rating_4


Goodnights- yep...

Overall Rating(all ratings added up)- 31, losing to Al Sharptons 35 last week. since those are the only two episodes ive reviewed. I dont have the score for any others. If anyone has anything at all to say about my review feedback is greatly appreciated, or if anyone knows the name of the second Jet song let me know. Until Jan 10, later all.