Elijah Wood / Jet
December 13, 2003

By Jamie Klein


   PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I love Elijah Wood. I have loved his work since Radio Flyer. I wonder if Chris Kattan will cameo? Jet is from Australia. One if their hit songs is in a commercial.

   HARDBALL COLD OPEN- This was cut last week. I thought this was funny. Amy doing Hillary Clinton was hilarious. She cant decide if she wants to run or not. In my opinion I think Hillary should run. We need a woman president. B

   GOLLUM MONOLOGUE- This is the first time I liked Chris as Gollum. Elijah looked like a natural on that stage. You could really see his eyes when he did Gollum at the end. Aren't they gorgeous? A

   BOYS CHOIR- Three of my favorite guys in one sketch. I couldn't stop laughing at this one. I laughed so hard I had tears. Will, Jimmy & Elijah were all adorable. A

   CHRISTMAS QUEER EYE- This was alright. Elijah plays a good gay person. Jimmy played a better gay person in Jeffreys. They should have left Santa alone. C

   TV FUNHOUSE-BUSH DRESS UP. It was about time we saw a cartoon. This was a cute cartoon. I laughed hard when Bush dressed as a tree & a gorilla. Hopefully we will have more cartoons in other shows. A

   WAKE-UP WAKEFIELD- Last weeks was better. Elijah looked like a clown without makeup. Instead of Celebrity Poker or New Chanukah being cut, this should have been cut. I wish Maya would leave her nasty tongue in her mouth. D

   JET "ARE YOU GONNA BE MY GIRL"- This song has been in a commercial. It has a nice beat to it to either exercise or dance to. A

   WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Jokes were too short. Jimmy doing John Mayer was funny. Kenan & Maya were funny especially when Maya pushed Kenan out of the way. Finesse doing Bobby Brown was also funny. A

   DONATELLAS CHRISTMAS CHEER- This was hilarious. Elijah did a good Boy George & of course Horatio always does a good Rosie O'Donnell. I love Egg Nog. Maybe Ill buy some this week. A

   GORE ENDORSEMENT- This went on too long. It went on for so long I kept thinking when the next sketch was going to start. F

   ALL NIGHT VEGAS- This wasn't one of his best ones but it was still good. I always like it when Fred comes in late. Elijah looked like he was having a good time. C

   JET "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE"- This was a nice way to end the show. A nice slow and beautiful song. A

   SKATING GOODNIGHTS- I normally don't review the goodnights but this was a special one. I loved the outfits. Will looked adorable in that outfit. Maya looked like she was having trouble. Darrell is never in the goodnights. A

   AFTER SHOW THOUGHTS- Elijah Wood was the best host so far this season. I hope they ask him again in the future. Jet was a good band. It was nice seeing Kattan in more than one sketch. I give this show a B