Elijah Wood / Jet
December 13, 2003

By Dirty Centaur

Let us begin.

Saddam is caught, Daily Show should rock more than usual on Monday.

01 Hardball with Chris Matthews
The Good:
After a tease last week we get some HB! Great lines, impressions all around were good with Parnell's as the highlight. Hillary's Shadow Cabinet, black female ninja etc... Matthews' body movements
The Bad: ?
Misc: Probably will see two-three more of these sketches before the season ends.

02 A Hard Hobbit To Break
The Good:
Gollum cameo, and then the sitcom clip, I liked Denver as the location for the show. One of the best monos this season.
The Bad: Wood's angry alter ego at the end.
Misc: Loved the production values of the sitcom. Still doesn't top 'The Presidential Odd Couple' as funniest sitcom opening in SNL.

03 St.Paul's Boy Choir
The Good:
Will 'freakin' Fore using his 'dog whistle, premise was different, the banter between the three, punching of the groin at the end. Fact that they're 20somethings singing since normally they would appear to be the proper age in any other school related sketch.
The Bad: Insults could've been better.
Misc: Kenan can't pull off older people unless they're last name is Cosby.

04 Queer Eye For The Straight Guy
The Good:
Santa selection, a few of there lines, his new look and the Kathy Bates line. Great one. Dratch was right for Mrs.Claus.
The Bad: Lagged a bit, Parnell and Armisen didn't do anything
Misc: Don't watch the show buy I assume Wood's character is the weak-link of the show.

05 TV Funhouse: Fun With Real Audio from George W. Bush
The Good:
Finally we something, I slightly groaned at first since Real Audio isn't always that great but this collection of all of Bush's speeches was great. The different costumes Bush was in
The Bad: The humping of the gorilla was predictable and kinda plain since that's happened too many times in TV Funhouse.
Misc: X-Presidents in the future? Lets hope so.

06 Wake Up Wakefield
The Good:
Sanz's bit is always a good. Votes for 'bands', Woods' character that somehow turned Megan on. Megan's disturbing love for Clay Aiken. Sheldon losing it at the end. Any mention of Yo-Yo Ma.
The Bad: Beh. For a WUW it was okay.
Misc: This should quiet those WUW Lovers who were screaming about the lack of sketch. Now was Sheldon against the relationship bc he didn't want his two friends going out or he had a thing for Megan.

07 Weekend Update
The Good:
Tina's rant! Her previous attempts failed, but this was great. Another 'suck it' geography joke. The Queen/WNBA joke. Tina retains her title of best anchor. Houston and child singing then giving the kid a shove while she eats chicken. Pacifier joke and WU doing a over the counter contraceptive again. Arch Deices joke.
The Bad: John Mayer, Jimmy's What You Did bit, Bobby Brown didn't add anything.
Misc: After seeing Tina's rant, can't wait for the 2nd season of Real Time with Bill Maher Jan.'04

08 Versace,s Eggnog
The Good:
Shorter than her usual, Rosie and Boy George done well by Woods.
The Bad: Could've been stronger
Misc: Rosie has lost millions because of her play Taboo even though it's gotten free advertising on SNL twice already by mentioning it. Low ticket sales since it opened. Just waiting for when the real Verasce appears on this sketch...

09 Howard Dean For America
The Good:
Al Gore returns! One of my favourites of Darrell's. Picking apart Dean and Al Gore. The jokes against the Democrats have been much better than all of those Bush cold openings.
The Bad: Lagged at times, Dean didn't say much.
Misc: Gore has lost some hair, 'can you say combover?' time to update his look. Looking forward to more of 'these' political sketches.

10 Buddy Mills and the Rialto Grande
The Good:
Wood's look, Mackey on drums, and of course Buddy Mills return
The Bad: Kind of takes away the specialness of the season finale sketch with his father.
Misc: The first Rialto Grande sketch was also the final sketch of the show. Way back on Jan.18 2003 when Ray Liotta hosted.

11 Goodnights
Jet is lonely at homebase, while the rest skate. Haven't seen two black guys skate on ice since Donald Brahear and Peter Worell played against each other. Howard Shore's music can also be heard during the Return of he King music.

In summary and in conclusion.... Most enjoyable SNL this season! Start to finish there were no duds, however Queer Eye was borderline. Kattan made a second cameo this season which was kinda expected, just hope that this doesn't continue throughout the season when some Kattan character could be used based on the host/sketch. If he comes back let him host..... Eljah Wood hosted well enough to return. Thought Orlando Bloom was going to host since he's the breakout star of 2003. Still has some movies coming out. Darrell rebounds with Gore and Matthews and apparently Geraldo Riveria would've appeared if a O'Reilly Factor wasn't cut. Most sketches weren't great but they were good.... Elf has made $147 million good for no.7 for 2003 domestically. Lost a good portion of my review due to a paste/undo error so that's pretty much it.

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Performers of the Night: Darrell Hammond, Elijah Wood

Sharpening Skates Mostly: Finesse Mitchell, Will Forte, Jeff Richards, Seth Meyers (1 sketch)

Appeared on Late Night This Thursday
Consie (writer/host), Bob Odenkirk (writer), Tom Shales (co-author of LFNY), Fred Armisen (in a DVD clip from Odenkirk's movie)

Appeared on Tough Crowd This Week
Al Franken (Monday), Will Ferrell (and told Quinn his Harry Carry saved him on his first WU)

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