Donald Trump / Toots and the Maytals
April 3, 2004

By purlycat

Cold Opening

Who is George? I'm guessing a judge, as with Caroline. I've never seen the apprentice, but I thought this was the best sketch of the night.

Finesses - "I'm new", and "4 Blacks" comments were classic.

Jimmy - "the idiot who laughed the whole time." Very cute whisper by Jimmy. Spiderman, got to love it.

Amy got a laugh too, but more out of nervousness because it wasn't really the tone of the sketch. Still good.

I always enjoy seeing Lorne, because it makes there be more of a backstage feel. Like your in on something. Not that they should overwork it, but it goes back to like even the first seasons of SNL.

'Go get Parnell' - he didn't fire Finesse! Very sad Parnell ended being up in half a sketch... suspicious?

Donald being Donald in this sketch wasn't too redundant yet. He does do well with the apprentice.




Ahh, the slow walk. I don't think he could have made that more arrogant if he tried. The first of the odd ties, I liked the gold one in the wing place myself. I'm like, is he coming down the steps? Or will he not dain to?

Ok, before Darrell came on I was like, kill me now..., but it got better, thank god.

Jimmy was good. Weird seeing him play middle aged especially after the first skit. It works though.

Best thing about the skit was the laugh track, -it had to be with this episode.




Who does care about Frasier? Good point.

Fear Factor Junior! Fred! At least this was good. Poor Pauley 
I swear the Divorce thing is something straight out of "You Can't Do That On Television". Which is a good thing, BTW.

"The clown is coming" - I was lol, all through the commercial
Best of the Year.




Musical Guests

That outfit! I thought Trump was bad. After the mmmmmmm-mmmmmm's were over I couldn't take it anymore. They all looked stoned, and their music was not good. I couldn't take it I muted through most and the second time compleatly.



Weekend Update

Ok, the opening was, terrible. But I loved the falsies, and the mic slip. I liked the Whitney joke. Drunk joke I disliked, alot. It also made me miss Jeff. Jimmy dodging panties was... intresting.

Maya- why? nononononono, please. No. Just Say No.

The plaster made me feel better, but I havta say I liked the dictionary joke, very lame, but very true.

Were they aiming at Jimmy a little bit? Especially after he started cracking up. Tina and Jimmy did have fairly good commenting on it though.



Goodnights/credits - (lack thereof)

Yea, we don't like it cut off. But they may have run out of time. I didn't really stick around to watch more Trump



Regis and Kelly

The cameras were... intresting, not funny. Trump terrible, awful, ungodly full of himself. And it was so true. I thought that might make this show funny, but no.

Darrel was good, and when he cracked up it was great. I know it sounds mean, but the tie-in with the opening and Amy's "Feminine sexuality", was great.

I agree the writers were trying to compensate for 'Trump'.

I love Rachel, but I do miss Kattan. I mean Rachel isn't funny in a dress. She looks good in a dress. I loved the Gelman exchanges however. The Less Trump, the better.



Chicken Wings

The gold tie. That was the only thing I paid attention to in this sketch. I was like some weird magpie.

Maya was great as a chicken. And Seth the 'ham' chicken, (in a good way )

I'm going to have that back-beat in my head for awhile.

Sanz - poor Sanz.

Dancing Trump- sad, very sad.




Prince and the Pauper

I didn't get this sketch. I mean a girl scout? How?

It also showed just how bad a host can be. The acting... I don't want to think about. It was so bad I couldn't look away.

He wasn't wearing a suit when he entered.

I liked Maya's voice over, but again, why? Not funny, intresting.




Father and Son
Not that funny, but I really felt for Seth at the get go. Trying to play off him? And then Fallon and Sanz

"They are so sad, they're happy"- Best line of the show. What's the betting Seth had that one ready. I mean come on, we all knew what would happen with both of them on stage.

It wasn't funny, but I'm glad Seth didn't kill them. I would have, or had been tempted too. At the end the hug by Trump looked kinda of genuine, like "We survived this skit with those two (fill in the blank)". I could feel that alot. 




Committee of Terrorism

Yea, I was asleep. Monotone, dull.

Great concept, good delivery. I don't know what was wrong, but it was. I thought Darrell's expressions would get more reaction, but they didn't. Great concepts there about the VP, and all. But seriously, it didn't go over well.




Re-using a set I see? Didn't we already do this? Why are we revisting?

Trump really enjoyed the keyboard, that was cute. Until the end. Poor sound people. Singing show tonight? The singing pitches was intresting.





Yea, Trump was a really, really devasting move there. A cameo, a skit or two, possible. But 'TRUMP' is just a frightening proposition. I like Jimmy, and he was great in the cold opening, but dear god, if he cracks up one more time- Sad thing is, that was a few of the high points of the show.

The writers were obviously, trying hard to sell it. But with a vechical like that, it's not movin'. I think also, Darrell was used to even out with Trump, since they are older then most of the cast members.

Some good points. But basically this show is C-. I never liked Darrell's brand of humor, or 'Trump' for that matter. I just didn't connect with this show at all. The show was very pathetic, sadly because of the host.