Justin Timberlake
October 11, 2003

By Tornado88o

Hey guys! Sorry my Jack Black review didn't have an intro or anything ­ still working out a few of the kinks! ;-)

Before I start my formal review, I'd like to express my current opinions on each cast member really quickly, in alphabetical order:

· Fred Armisen ­ A little weird, I like some of his characters.

· Rachel Dratch ­ Cute and fun to watch!

· Jimmy Fallon ­ I know people get so sick of hearing this, but Jimmy is very good-looking. I hope he can cut down on cracking up during sketchs ­ it's getting pretty ridiculous!

· Tina Fey ­ She's my idol and my 2nd favorite SNL cast member of all time. I love her work and hope to see a lot of her this season!

· Will Forte ­ I was sold after the Box sketch last season. I love him!

· Darrell Hammond ­ A very talented impressionist ­ what will they do when he's gone?!

· Seth Meyers ­ He's becoming one of my new favorites ­ he's cute and funny, the perfect combo in my opinion! J

· Finesse Mitchell ­ The one time I've seen him perform (WU last week) was very good; I'm expecting good things from him!

· Chris Parnell ­ All around good guy.

· Amy Poehlor ­ A sweet and very talented girl.

· Jeff Richards ­ This guy just doesn't seem funny to me

· Maya Rudolph ­ I love Wake Up Wakefield! She's a good girl.

· Horatio Sanz ­ Again, I hope he can cut down on the cracking up during sketches. He's alright.

· Kenan Thompson ­ Don't know yetfunny on the Wade Robson Project last week!

On with the review!

Pre-Show Thoughts: Like I said at the end of my Jack Black review, not a huge JT fan. "Rock Your Body?" Come on. This really weird thing happened just before the show started. I was like, "I bet they are going to do a Hardball cold opening." And sure enough

Cold Opening: HARDBALL! That was creepyanyhoo, had some great one-liners as usual: traita-hata, media whore, etc. The giant coffee cup was funny too. Darrell's impression of Chris is so funny! 4/5

Justin Timberlake's Monologue: When this first started, I was like, 'This will be really normal and nothing cool.' WellROCK YOUR BODY!!! Two songs is enough, honestly! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And BEATBOXING?! The beginning was a little funny but too predictable. 1.5/5

Punk'd:  That's more like it! Very funny ­ Ashton Kutcher is soooooooo annoying! JT can acthmmmmmmmmmvery well done! 5/5

CNN: Last week's cold opening and the real news coverage for the past TWO MONTHS was plenty of Arnoldgive it a rest! 1/5

A Message from Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson: Justin and Jimmy! OMG! Justin looked scary, but this was AWESOME!! Excellent.  Words cannot describe. "I'm Nick Lachey, formally of 98 Degrees, now ofnothing." So true! 5/5

Omeletteville: At first I thought this was dumb, but now looking back, it was really funny. The costumes were a riot! Too many screaming girls though. "Bring it on down to Omeletteville!" 4.5/5

Direct TV: Is SNL trying to repeat last week, or is there a big shortage in news stories? First Arnold, then Rush. Well produced ­ very much like the real ones ­ but they should have picked another celeb to poke fun at. 2.5/5

Boston Teens: Well, it looks like Chris Parnell and Seth Meyers have replaced Kattan's former roles for good. The sketch itself was alright ­ it seemed a little short ­ but the pyro kid Justin played was pretty funny. Average sketch. "Tommy, please tell me you got that on tape!" 3/5

Justin Timberlake performs "Senorita" Justin should be an actor. Better than John Mayer, though. Nothing special. 1/5

Weekend Update: Under five minutes?! Disgraceful! The California voting ballot joke was great, and the Dutch was really funny, but they should probably give the Starr Jones jokes a break. "For the first time, the annual event Gay Day, in which homosexuals gather at Disney Land, was held at Euro Disney in Paris. It was that largest gathering of gay men in Paris since the day before." 4.5/5 

The Sharon Osbourne Show:  Amy's Sharon impression was over-the-top and funny. The rest was kinda boring. 1/5

Justin Sings With Kermit:  One of those sketches that makes you smile but not laugh out loud ­ that song they sang had lyrics that rivals some of the stuff in "A Mighty Wind." Cute. 3.5/5

Governor Ad: Funny ­ can't really remember much, except that it was funny! 3.5/5

Backstage: I LOVE when they go backstage and do stuff. That outfit was just about the scariest thing I've ever seen. Tears of laughter were in my eyes. 5/5

Justin Timberlake performs "Cry Me A River" This song kinda grows on you 2.5/5

The Barry Gibb Show: A nice ending to the show.; JT was really good; Jimmy was a little scary. 2.5/5

Goodnights:  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Overall Grade:  50/85 = 59% F

Post-Show Thoughts:  I think I need a new rating system ­ the sketches were pretty good, but all of the musical stuff dragged the show down. Maybe I calculated wrong, idk. Probably deserved around a B-. A very average show. Justin might be not as evil as I've been told

Highlites: Punk'd, A Message from Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, Omeletteville, Weekend Update, and Backstage.

Bombs:  Monologue, CNN, "Senorita" and The Sharon Osbourne Show.

Next Week: I like Halle and Britney ­ that should be an enjoyable show!

"Some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese." -Tornado88o