Justin Timberlake
October 11, 2003

By Nicole Kerber

Host: Justin Timberlake
MG: "

Cold Opening:
Not bad, not bad...Amy Poehler's character was funny. Kenan's Gary Coleman was pretty good, it could have been better if he had the voice down.

It scared me a bit. I thought maybe Justin was getting his musical guest duties out of the way at the beginning. But it was all right.

This was a really good sketch!!! Justin's impression of Ashton Kutcher was FANTASTIC! The voice could have been better, but the phrases and actions were dead on! Maya's Christina impression was good, as always. Finesse's 50 Cent impression really had me laughing!

A Message from Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey:
Oh boy, I had a feeling they would have Jimmy playing Nick! This sketch was good. Justin was doing a good job of mimicking Jessica Simpson....a little too good...nah. Just joking.

(Guys dressed up as) food fight:
This was a so-so sketch. I was sorta dozing off. But Justin dancing to "I'm a Slave 4 U" in an omelette costume was so FUNNY! And plus, after Justin tore that third egg off Chris' costume, he looked like a....'nuff said!

Busey for Directv:
I really enjoy Jeff's Gary Busey impression. This was awesome.

I say Red Sox, you say NOMAH! This was a top-notch Boston Teens sketch. I loved it. Jimmy looked so good. I loved how Zazoo was not without her jacket. Justin's character, Dadoo, was so funny! Playing with fire...I guess I am just easily amused!

Weekend Update:
No disappointments of course! Loved it. I loved the Euro Disney joke.

The Sharon Osbourne Show:
Eh....but I was happy to see Mr. Bojangles! I think that was Mr. Bojangles....

The Rainbow Connection:
Hmm....I kept trying to guess who was doing Kermit...at first I thought it might have been Jimmy..but turns out it was Will! That was a pretty good bit.

This was funny. And it made a good point. But I think I would rather have the predator be governor than Carl Weathers.

The Barry Gibbs Show:
This was pretty funny for the last sketch. Jimmy did his "I'm a complete idiot" dance.....very nice! I was waiting for him to break the table...oh well.

Overall thoughts:
I LOVED THIS SHOW! I hope that all the shows this season are this great! Very cool!