Justin Timberlake
October 11, 2003

By Katie

Katie's review!

Preshow Thoughts- I love Justin Timberlake and I think he can act,sing, and dance as Debbie Allen would call a triple threat.Okay my mom told me that they might do Punk'd parody with Justin playing Ashton, a Newlyweds parody with J.T. being Jessica Simpson, and a Boston Teens.I do hope they won't do any Britney bashing, it just is getting old.But overall I do believe it will be an awesome show!

Cold Opening/Hardball- I am not into politics and I don't keep up so all that I love about the Hardball parody is how mean he is to everyone. Darrel Hammond does yet ANOTHER impression on the CO.These are some of the lines that made me chuckle: Paris Hilton going down on a Limp Biskit Tour Bus, Knee cap with hair, Trada Hater, Trader-ade, Media Whore. Kenan is so little and the huge coffee mug was funny. I am sorry but I just don't like Kenan, or his impressions. So far of what I have seen of him, I do believe he will last for one season.
Favorite Impression: Amy Poehler
Worst Impression: Kenan Thompson
Overall: 7/10

Monologue: Gosh!Justin Timberlake is so good looking! I like the new set design, thought I would just add those two things. Justin's plan about the whole bringing a fan up to sing, in my opinion, would have been better if Megan from Wakeup Wakefield was in the audience and won, but anyway.His plan did backfire when a Male and OLDER MAN was the winner. He was singing along and tryin to get J.T to sign his breasts.Is this one of J.T. performances?He doesn't even sound on key.Did they just not know what to do with the rest of the monolgue?The whole idea of incorperating the music and monolgue is .....interesting?
Favorite Player: Justin and The other guy (was it one of the producers I couldn't tell?) were equally good.

Punk'D- I was right! I am Ashton Kutcher and I am awesome! I loved Loved Loved Loved this one!! I was laughin throught the entire thing! Maya did a great impression of Christina again, talkin and singin like her.J.T. was bouncin' up and down and he was so hyper like Ashton really is. Cause I am dating Demi Moore.A double Punk'd.It was Awesome!
Favorite Player: All of them made me laugh so hard!

Ahhhhnold- This also made me laugh. Favorite lines: People of California went to the polls, taxes and deffisons and all of dem tings, I have no idea of what I am doing, over my head, bodybuilder and action movie star not for governor, my ideas make no sense. I personally believe that this was funnier than last weeks Darrel Hammond impression.I did enjoy it.
Favorite Player: only one to choose from ,Darrel Hammond, but I did like it.
Overall: 8/10

Newlyweds: I was right again! I am sad to say but my mother and I watch this so for pure fun to laugh at the incrediblely stupid Jessica Simpson. Justin was werein' that shirt that she ALWAYS wears! Favorite Jessicsa Lines: Just because I didn't go to whatever comes after middle school, The ham is sick : (. For reals yall. People think I am stupid because I thought Chicken of the Sea was Chicken, buffalo wings came from buffalos, peter pan was crushed to make peanut butter, Just because I can't read or write, Because I am not edumacated, kids mean poop.OMG! This was hillarious!
Favorite Player: Justin
Overall: 10/10

Benny's/Omlete Bill- Justin is so good @ comedy! Bring it all in to Omlete Bill. Bacon and an Omlete fighting. Don't get any of that on Jerry Springer.This was an orginal idea.When Justin did the Britney I'm a slave for you was a riot!Definetly SNAPS to this one!
Favorite Player: Justin and Chris equally great

DirectTV:This commercials are so weird, good idea to do a parody.Boobie Channel.His farts like butter and scotch.
Favorite Player: Jeff Richards

Boston Teens-Oh my gawd! I was right. I love these. Takin' him to a fancy resturant for his birthday was funny. Call me DADOO.Ice Tea, Diet Coke, Chocolate Milk, that was funny.Babo a pyro who set fire to a menu a napkin some flowers and a CAR LOL! This one was one of my fav BT's ever!And Seth is such a cutie along with Will and sigh Jimmy!
Favorite Player- Justin
Overall: 9/10

Performance- I love this song, Senorita. But I am not gonna rate it.

Weekend Update-Fave stories of the night:
California Ballet
"Clean House"
Seigfred and Anton
Shannon Dowerty
10 million $ ring
Salmon Spawng
Dutch Athlethes
Iraq cell
Shoes with butter

This episode seemed to be so.. short! No impressions or guests.

Sharon Osbourne- Amy has here down. YEAH! Michale donated his hair to kids. When she put Minnie's face up to his that was when my mother and I laughed for like the entire night!This was my mom's favorite. I enjoyed it VERY MUCH!!!!
Favorite Player-Amy Poehler
Overall- 9/10

Kermit- interesting?weird? Thats one skinny Kermit! I thought that the one doing Kermit's voice was Will Forte. And it was! Yeah he was finally in something!
Favorite Player: Will Forte
Overall- 8/10

Predator- Really whats up with all these celebs running for office?I find it hillarious.He was the black guy in Predator.
Overall- 7/10

I love Justin- I am gonna right ahead and agree with Maya and Rachel.Amy soo has a crush on him. I would be all over him like she was to!LOL, she had one big afro wig on. Laughed when she said just let me do this.
Favortie Player- Amy Poehler

Barry Gibb Talk Show- I had the TALKIN IT UP ON THE BARRY GIBB TALK SHOW, in my head all freakin' night.This one was so weird but was so hillarious.Everyone was crackin up. Jimmy lookin like Grizzly Bear.They did good harmony. I was laughin' so so so so hard!Chest Hair, and crazy cool medallions.
Favorite Player- Jimmy Fallon

OVERALL SHOW- This episode was weird but I enjoyed it very much. Favorite episode this season.9

Next Week- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do Wake up Wakefield.
i wanna see Will Forte!and Finnesse, I hate Kenan or what I have seen of him, maybe even more seth and jimmy! Okay can't wait till next week!