Justin Timberlake
October 11, 2003

By Joey

Hi Its Joey again



I would just like to say the overall score for the jack black episode was 81.5/10

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Cold Opening-Hardball-Darrell Hammond,Jeff Richards,Amy Poehler,Kenan Thompson
I liked then Paris Hilton Joke
All Impresions where good
Jeff Richards guy wasnt that funny

Monolouge-Justin Timberlake and some guy
This was allright.. but then timberlake had to sing

Sketch-Punk'd-Justin Timberlake,Chris Parnell,Jeff Richards,Horatio Sanz,Christina Aguelira,Finnesse Mitchell and whoever was dax
this was funny
Justins impression was good
Jeffs wasnt
Finnesse was good as fifty

Sketch-Schwartanager Press Confrence-Darrell Hammond
Sort of the same as last weeks
its an alright impression
he lost the voice at one point

Sketch-Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson-Justin Timberlake,Jimmy Fallon
It was good seeing Justin Timberlake dressed as a girl
this was funny
the different angel and droping kids off at the pool was good

Sketch-Omleteville-Chris Parnell,Justin Timberlake
This was alrigth the ending was a little wierd though
the two eggs where good
i like he kept saying bring it on in to omletteville

Commercial-DIRECTV-Jeff Richards
I love Jeffs Gary Busey Impression
This was hilarious
I was hoping theyd do a Im with Busey Parody
My farts smell like butt or skotch

Sketch-Boston Teens-Jimmy Fallon Rachel Dratch Justin Timberlake,Chris Parnell,Seth Meyers
This was better than the last Boston Teens with Bernie Mac
You obvously dont know the proper way to eat out

Musicsal Performance-Justin Timberlake Performs Senorita
didnt like it
hey he played and instrument

Weekend Update-Jimmy Fallon Tina Fey
No Guests
Most jokes where good
last weeks was better

sketch-The Sharon Ozbourne Show-Amy Poehler,Fred Armisen,Horatio Sanz,Justin Timberlake
loved all the impressions espically the ozbournes
another timberlake performance...sort of

misc-Justin singing with fake kermit the frog-Justin Timberlake Will Forte
another timberlake performance
good kermit impression forte
it seems when you get promoted you get in less sketches

misc-Carl Weathers for govener-Carl Weathers
this was sort of weird it was funnt he kept on bring up the black guy

Musical Perfomance-Justin Timberlake performs Cry Me a River (Remix)
I like the guitars added

misc-Amy loves Justin-Rachel Dratch,Maya Rudolph,Amy Poehler,Justin Timberlake
this was pretty funny
the hug was good
when justin said why are we gonna make out that was funny
When Amy spit on him and said can you imagine us having sex
the costume was funny

sketch-Barry Gibb Talk Show-Jimmy Fallon,Justin Timebrlake,Rachel Dratch,Jeff Richards,Horatio Sanz
Justin finally loosing it in a sketch
I liked jeffs al franken impression
jimmys voice was funny
this would make an alright recurring sketch

overall score 80.5/140

this was better than jack blacks episode
but justins 5 performances brought it down

Halle Berry Britney Spears next week
we can only hope for a britney maddona kiss re enactment