Justin Timberlake
October 11, 2003

By Eric Amundsen


Well it's finally the new season. This is my first review this season. I missed the first hour of last weeks Jack Black episode (shame on me!). But I heard and read that it wasn't the greatest show. I did enjoy the winery sketch though. I was kind of bummed to hear that Dean Edwards decided to leave. I gave him props last year saying he would eventually shine as a regular cast member, but oh well. I hope he becomes successful at whatever he decides to do next. Congratulations to Jeff Richards, Seth Meyers, and Will Forte for making the cut. But why did they not upgrade Fred Armisen too. I guess that would be too many cast members. Keenan Thompson! I remember him from Nickelodeon's All That show. He seems pretty funny. They should hire his brother Kel too. I think this will be a great season. I said a year ago that last season would be Darrell's final season, but I think THIS will! be his last year. Not that I want him to leave or anything. I just think it's just that time, ya' know? I think this is the year Jeff Richards will break out becoming one of the main performers they use on the show. He deserves it. He's gonna' take over for Darrell. The cast is now set and the review is underway:

Cold Opening - Hardball w/ Chris Matthews

Darrell is at his best when given hilarious one liners when he plays Matthews. He shines in this opener. Amy Poehler was also great here as that annoying bitch Ann Coulter regularly seen on Bill Maher's show Real Time on HBO. For those that don't know, she's a Republican thinks everyone commits treason in this country. Amy did a fantastic impersonation of her. Jeff Richards was good, but he hardly had any funny lines. Keenan Thompson got to show of his impression skills as Gary Coleman, which was hilarious. This was a great way to open the show.

Best lines:

Darrell as Chris Matthews: "Also joining us, author of the book Slander & Treason, a woman full of more bile than Nick Nolte's liver."

Amy's response, as Ann Coulter: "Typical slander from the liberal media."

Darrell: "That wasn't slander. Now if I said you looked like a kneecap with hair, that would be slander."

Keenan Thompson as Gary Coleman: "People have been asking me all week, why should I vote for you, Webster?"

Grade: A+

Opening Montage -

I like the slick new look. It's cool when they have the cast walk around and doing things instead of just using still photos. Why wasn't the SNL band mentioned?

Grade: A+

Monologue/Performance - Justin Timberlake

This was pretty funny. I never thought Timberlake could be funny. But he has potential to be an actor if his music career ever falls flat. That dude who played his fan was pretty funny. Probably a writer of the show. The song performance was pretty decent too. I heard his solo album ain't too bad. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna' buy it though. It was a funny monologue. Not too long either.

Grade: B

Sketch - Punk'd: Barely Legal

This was a sketch that had to be done. Justin Timberlake does a great impression of Ashton Kutcher ("I'm so awesome!) He deserves to be lampooned for acting like a jackass all the time. Jeff Richards was funny as Fred Durst. Finesse Mitchell was hilarious as 50 Cent. But Timberlake stole the show as Kutcher.

Best lines:

Timberlake as Ashton Kutcher: "Call me Kutch!"

Jeff Richards as Fred Durst: "Please don't hurt my beautiful face. I'll touch your wiener."

Timberlake: "Why am I so kickass? Is it because I'm dating Demi Moore? You got it!"

Finesse Mitchell as 50 Cent: "Yo, I'm not going in there! There's a vampire in the bathroom!"

Grade: A+

Sketch - CNN Press Conference w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger

This was another great job by Darrell Hammond as Ahhhnuld. He did much better this time with his impression. I hope they continue to make fun of him throughout the season, which I'm sure they will. I'm still in shock that Arnold is my new governor (I live in Southern California). It will be interesting to see what he does.

Best line:

"One thing is clear. I have no idea what I'm doing in this job. Oh yeah, and I am way in over my head."

Grade: A

Sketch - A Message from Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson

Justin Timberlake is on a roll here with a hilarious impersonation of Jessica Simpson. Jimmy Fallon was great as Lachey. The writing here was very well done. Justin has proved to me that he can be funny and isn't just another stupid kid from a boy band. I wonder what the other band members are doing right now. Hmmmmmm.

Best lines:

Fallon as Lachey: "I wouldn't trust her to cure a ham."

Timberlake as Simpson: "Aaaaawwwww. The ham is sick?"

Fallon: "After we got married, it was awesome. Then it became not so awesome. Then it became awesome again from a different angle if you know what I mean."

Grade: A+

***Next Week - Halle Berry and Britney Spears

Two sexy ladies are coming to town. I can't wait to see them makeout. Or at least I hope they do. Tee hee!

Sketch - Benny's Vs. Omeletville

This was an okay sketch. Timberlake had all the funny lines, while Parnell just played the character that's annoyed by the other guy. But it was decent. That's all.

Grade: C

Commercial - DirecTV w/ Gary Busey

This was my favorite thing on this episode! Jeff Richards does the funniest impersonation of Gary Busey I've ever seen. He's got all his idiosyncrasies down to a tee. I hope the real Gary Busey saw this. I want to hear his comments on it. Jeff Richards is the man! I bet the people from Mad TV are kicking themselves for letting him go. It serves them right.

Best line:

"There are so many booby channels that I often find myself running from room to room with my pants around my ankles. It's a gas!"

Grade: A+

Sketch - Sully & Denise at a Restaurant

This is always a hilarious sketch. I like the fact that they made some last minute re-writes to include references to the Red Sox game played earlier in the day. That's what's cool about live television. Horatio mad me laugh so hard at the end. But then again, he always does.

Best line:

Jimmy Fallon: "I will take you down like Don Zimmer!"

Grade: A-

Musical Guest - Justin Timberlake

Did not see it.

Weekend Update - With Tina Fey & Jimmy Fallon

I thought that this one was way short. They didn't even have any commentators or guests. That was strange. But at least it was funny. Such as:

Tina Fey: "In his first press conference after being elected governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger promised to clean house in Sacramento. He also threatened to molest the energy crisis and date rape the deficit."

Jimmy Fallon: For the first time, the annual Gay Day, in which homosexuals gather at Disneyland, was held at Euro Disney in Paris. It was the largest gathering of gay men in Paris since the day before."

Grade: A

Sketch - The Sharon Osbourne Show

Amy Poehler does a pretty good impersonation of Sharon Osbourne. I really enjoyed Fred Armisen as Quentin Tarantino. It reminded me of when Norm MacDonald portrayed him back in 1997. I wish he had more lines though. Horatio's Ozzy impersonation is always funny. Timberlake as Michael Bolton was alright. That picture of the kid with his old long hair was hilarious! It was a fairly decent sketch.

Grade: B+

Miscellaneous - Justin Timberlake Sings With Kermit the Frog

I thought this was an odd choice for a filler. Will Forte does a good Kermit the Frog voice.

Best line:

Forte, singing: "Öthe lover's, the deuschbags, and meeeeee."

Grade: B-

Commercial - Carl Weathers For Governor

I liked this one. I always wondered what happened to Carl Weathers. And I still don't know. He was here playing himself running for governor of any state, I guess. I laughed pretty hard at this one. 2 great commercials in one night!

Best line:

"I know what you're thinking. Wasn't Danny Glover the black guy from ëPredator'? And shouldn't he, therefore, be your next governor? No! That was ëPredator 2'. Doesn't America deserve better than the star of "Predator 2?"

Grade: A+

Miscellaneous - Amy Poehler Rehearses With Justin

This was another strange filler sketch. But Amy was funny as Justin's secret admirer. I'd sure let her hang on me, like she did to Justin. She's so sassy! (Like Phil Hartman would say.)

Grade: C+

Musical Guest - Justin Timberlake

Missed this one too.

Sketch - The Barry Gibb Talk Show

I enjoyed this a lot. Jimmy Fallon needs to do more impressions. He killed here as Barry Gibb. Timberlake kept crackin' up at Jimmy's singing. I would have liked to see more of Jeff Richards's Al Franken impression. Jimmy was the highlight of this one for sure. I hope they keep this as a recurring sketch.

Best line:

Barry Gibb (Fallon), to Arriana Huffington (Dratch): "Everytime you speak, it sounds like someone dropping a car battery on my sack!"

Grade: A+

Goodnights - I could barely see any of the cast members because Justin Timberlake has too many damn band members. The new set looks cool though. It's weird, because they usually wait until the even numbered years to change sets or the opening montage.

Overall Episode Review -

This episode impressed me a lot. So did Justin Timberlake. He is welcome to come back and host anytime, if you ask me. I don't care much for his music, but he can sure sing. It was cool to see some new faces and to see familiar ones too. I think this cast will do well this season. I have high hopes for Jeff Richards, Seth Meyers, Will Forte and Fred Armisen. I'm surprised they didn't add any female featured players. From what I heard about the Jack Black episode, they sure bounced back quickly from a not so great show. I'm looking forward to seeing Halle Berry next time. Until next time, take it easy!

Overall Episode Grade: A