Justin Timberlake
October 11, 2003

By Dirty Centaur

01 Hardball with Chris Matthews
Slams Ann Coulter, media whore joke. Hardball opens, still has it.
Bad: Ending didn't go out with a bang, unless you count media whore.
Misc: Jeff appears in Cold Opening.

02 One Song, One Male Fan
: Steve Higgins makes an appearence and does great.
Bad: Predictable that it wouldn't be someone he would like, but who cares.
Misc: Only worked since it wasn't a castmember, Higgins does the rare onscreen and then does the usual voiceovers. We make a transition to one of Timberlake's songs. I thought it was Jim Downey but was later corrected (by Hugh Jass), and told that it was Steve Higgins.

03 Punked! DVD
Bad: 50 Cent bit similar t! o Dave Chapelle's parody on Jamie Kennedy's show.
Misc: Parnell's hat had Lawyer written on it

04 Arnold Gives Up And All Of That
Arnold's future plans for California, "background as a bodybuilder and action move superstar"
Bad: Similar to last week's, impression not that great. Could've used Cruz impression by Haratio
Misc: Well unless Arnold makes headlines again this should be the last California sketch.

05 Message From Dumb and Dumber
Ham line, acceptable impressions of Nick Lachey + Jessica Simpson.
Bad: nothing that I can think of. Justin not attractive.
Misc: chicken of the sea, buffalo wings were real, the rest not. Don Pardo pipes in as voice.

06 Breakfast Songs
Justin brings up another mention of Britney, parodies of! songs. Right length
Bad: Eh lacked comedy
Misc: Any takers that Parnell did this in LA after SNL sent him packing?

07 Gary Busey Loves DirecTV
A+ impression. Great parody of commericals.
Bad: Not long enough, really I could've watched more.
Misc: If you watched'Im With Busey' this past summer you can see Busey is that crazy.

08 Sully and Denise
pyro brother, great "Tommy tell me you got that!", Red Sox stuff, diddled, Zimmer line
Bad: could've been a little funnier
Misc: Seth from Boston makes appearence in Boston Teens, not a disapointing sketch, still has life if this continues. What's next a Bruins game? Sully has similar beard to Conan O'Brien. Wishing for Sox/Cubs World Series.

09 Weekend Update
Arnold molesting and date raping, usual France joke, Star Jones' butter shoes!
Bad: Mackey rant spiralled into nowhere, Dutch conversation, no guests
Misc: Fey was the weak anchor again. Shorter than usual Update

10 Sharon Osbourne Show
Good impression by Armisen, Sharon stars here not Ozzy, but Ozzy still appears
Bad: After awhile Amy's impression gets annoying
Misc: Norm MacDonald still has the superior Quentin impression - Bolton and Conan O'Brien in a cage match on PPV. For those of you who have followed their feud. Haven't seen this show yet.

11 Kermit and Justin
Will Freakin Forte! I wondered whose voice that could've been... use of douchebag. Kermit's favourite song. Moustache peeling off
Bad: Not real Kermit!
Misc: Muppets return to SNL. At first I thought that was muppet that Late Night used for Kermit's suicide.

12 Vote Carl Weathers
Actually use Carl Weathers, made the observation.
Bad: not strong on laughs, but that wasn't the goal
Misc: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart brought this up earlier this week. Senator Predator was mentioned. Weathers kicked ass last year with a guest spot on The Shield.

13 Backstage
Different, short, Amy and Justin akwardness
Bad: Predictable, could've used Rachel walking in on them
Misc: Tens of thousand of jealous males were sitting at home going "that fag gets to have the sexy Amy Poehler wrapped around him! WTF." How many guests can't remember castmember's names?

14 The Barry Gibb Talk Show
Cruz and Arianna finally get SNLized. Jeff even did the thing Franken does with his head before he's interviewed. Original.
Bad: Barry's voice started to get annoying. Franken impression ! wasted.
Misc: Where was the real Al Franken? Jeff can impersonate Al and Bill O'Reilly, who smells pre-taped cold opening in the future where Al and Bill get it on?

15 Goodnights
Thanks to Carl Weathers, everybody, Seth wearing coboy hat, Jeff, Rachel, Jimmy still in costume. Entire credits are shown and then some. Despite going past midnight, they kept on scrolling then going to commerical. Can't remember when the entire credits have run and then the camera pulls back. Last week the credits didn't even start and it wasn't past midnight like this week's was.

In summary and in conclusion... Jeff brought back Gary Busey and used some other impressions. Justin of course did sketches with music but they were watchable (unlike J Lo). Mostly everyone made respectable appearences. Maya was used the most last week, toned down this one. SNL Band snubbed once again, c'mon Lenny do something.! Writers made the right step, the show improved on from last week's. W atched Chevy Chase's show from '95 on CC for the first time. Now it was only an hour but if that new cast can do good material, then surely this exprienced cast can do good. Will Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld return next week? Will Forte has all the potential and can't wait for whatever goodness he does next week. Steve Higgins is that middle aged guy they use for voice overs and monolouge appearences!

Could've watched Centaur porn while: Timerblake was singing
Stud of the Night: Jeff Richards
Could've eaten at Benny's: Seth Meyers, Kel and Finesse.
Could've eaten at Omelette Ville: Fred Armisen, Maya
Farts Smell Like Scotch: Darrell Hammond (whoops not anymore)
Read @ SNL Transcripts: Gary Busey's commerical, Arnold's Press Conference, Hardball, WU, Kermit and Justin, Jessica and Nick.
Cameras follow around what they do: Je! ssica Simpson, Nick Lachey, Gary Busey, Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne, Denise and Sully.
Guest starred on King of Queens last week: Rachel Dratch showing her assets.

Oct.18 Halle Berry Oct.24 Halloween Special? Nov.1 Will Ferrell? Nov.8 Andy Roddick
Nov.15 Steve Martin?, Brendan Fraser? Nov.22 Mike Myers?, Alec Baldwin?

Cross them off: Jack Black, Justin Timberlake