Justin Timberlake
October 11, 2003

By Dave Ciampa

After last weeks so-so season premiere with Jack Black, I am looking forward to this one. Don't get me wrong, I thought Jack was fabulous, it's the material that he had to work with that was 'blah'. 

I enjoyed Justin as co-host of the MTV Movie Awards, and find him to be very funny. I'm also a fan of his music. I really dig it and find it to be wholly enjoyable. Yes, I'm not afraid to admit that I enjoy Justin Timberlake's music. And now, on with the review:

Hardball with Chris Matthews:
Good to see Hammond as usual. It's sad to see that this is all he does now. I think he should wise up and leave the show if this is all he's gonna do. But this one was pretty funny. Poehler was funny as Ann Coulter, but Hammonds line, "You look like a kneecap with hair" to Coulter made the skit.
Grade: B

Opening Monologue:
Molly Shannon/Chris Kattan joke was ok, but the singing to an audience member wasn't too great. It was just an excuse for Justin to sing.
Grade: C

Punk'd Barely Legal:
This one was hilarious. Justins Ashton Kutcher was great. He played him very well. The 50 Cent piece was the best one. Justin saying, "I'm awesome!" after every sketch was great. Pretty funny to see Timberlake break character right at the end as he was saying, "I'm Ashton Kutcher, I love Justin Timberlake!" Very good start to the ep. 
Grade: A

Schwarzenegger Resigns:
I've never really liked Darrell's Arnold impression. This one wasn't very funny.
Grade: D

A Message from Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson:
This has to be one of the best skits of the night. Justin did very well as Jessica. And he played her to a T. That is exactly how she is, too. 
Nick: "I wouldn't even trust her to cure a ham."
Jessica: "Ahh, the ham is sick?"
Too funny. The dropping off the kids at the pool bit was great, too.
Grade: A

Funny skit. Parnell and Timberlake worked very well together. And seeing him dressed as an omelette was funny in itself.  Parnell trying to sing was funny as well. 
Grade: B

Dear DirecTV:
I've always been a huge fan of Will's Gary Busey. This one is no exception. The booby channels bit was great, as was his fart smell. For those of you wondering, it's butterscotch.
Grade: A

Sully and Denise:
Always good to see those two again. One of the funniest recurring skits. Fallon's Don Zimmer joke was great. As was the final joke about eating out.
Grade: B+

Music, Justin Timberlake: Senorita
As a fan of his music, I liked this song. Not much else to say.
Grade: A

Weekend Update:
When a show in NY does a joke about salmon spawning in Maine, you know it's a slow news week. Not very funny Update this week. The Siegfried/Antoine joke was funny, as was the Gay Day joke. Overall, though, could've been better.
Grade: B-

Sharon Osbourne:
OK sketch. Fred Armisen's Tarantino was really good. I really love Fred Armisen. They need to do a lot more with him. Was that real dog poop? I don't think so, but it looked it. Justins Michael Bolton was good, too. And yet again, Justin sang. Not that that's a bad thing, he's got a good voice. And he surprisingly sounded a lot like Bolton. And it's always great to see Horatio's Ozzy Osbourne.
Grade: C+

Justin and Kermit:
Wow, two skits with Justin singing in a row. Anyway, Will does a great Kermit impression. I was very impressed. Loved the fight at the end, and the douchebag line was great.
Grade: B+

"I'm the black guy from Predator":
OMG!!!!! I can't believe they actually got him to do this. It was great. The "Apollo's Credentials" line was great, as was the "Action, Jackson" line. Fun little skit.
Grade: A-

"He is SO cute!":
This was just OK, not too funny though. Good uncomfortable chemistry between the Justin and Amy. Amy hanging off of Justin was the best part of this sketch.
Grade: C-

Music, Justin Timberlake: Cry Me A River
This is probably my favorite of his solo songs. Good mix to the song. 
Grade: A

The Barry Gibb Show:
For the last sketch of the night, I was very impressed by how funny this one actually was. Fallon's staggered speech was great, and Justin cracking near the end was great, too. Can't say much for the guests, they didn't do much. Great sketch.
Grade: B+

Overall Thoughts:
Wow, just wow. What a great show. I was very impressed with Justins hosting ability. He handled himself very professionally, and didn't look the least bit nervous. This was probably the best episode I've seen since last season's Christopher Walken episode. I hope they get him to come back again soon. He was very good. And with the exception of the Schwarzenegger sketch, every one of the sketches was funny.

Overall Grade: A-