Justin Timberlake
October 11, 2003

By B

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I am not a fan of Justin and have never been. However I have not seen him "act" or do comedy for that matter so I have yet to judge that. I have a feeling there will be a lot of music involved in this episode.

HARDBALL COLD OPEN- Darrell comes up with good cutdowns. Kenan did an ok Gary Collman. I think this skit is a good opening and would rather see it here then in the main portion of the show.

JUSTIN MONOLOGUE- I had a feeling he would sing. But why such a long performance so soon? long monologue

PUNK'D UNCENSORED- He seems like a cross between Ashton and Seann Willian Scott to me. Maya is funny as Christina. Justin had a lot of energy. ok skit, not my choice to open after the monologue

CNN SCHWARZENEGGER- Knew there would be something about him winning. This might make Arnold mad, but it is so SNL. It was funny when it started but lasted a little to long.

JESSICA & NICK- Justin as Jessica is so funny! Jimmy was prety good as Nick. I loved his facial expressions.They needed to make fun of them and this show. Justin did good and I laughed during this one.

HALLE BERRY/BRITNEY SPEARS- I am interested to see how Halle does. Comedy should be different. I am sick of Britney.

COME ON IN- Chris and Justin looked so funny with those outfits. Funny but weird.

DIRECT TV- commercial. Jeff is a good Gary Busey. Weird commerical though.

SULLY & DENISE- Yay! I love this skit! Jimmy and Rachel are so funny in these! Tina and Rachel do a good job writing these sketches. I knew they would have this skit with the Sox being in the playoffs. ID thing with the drinks was funny. Justin lighting everything on fire was funny. Pretty good.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE "SENORITA"- Not a fan of his music

WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Colorado joke was funny because that is where I live (the victim went to my school too). 303 gal here! Reaction to the German joke was funny as well. Short Update. Not as good as last weeks in my opinion.

SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW- Amy does a good impression. Whoa, scary Fred. Weird impression as Bolton. Justin should stick to characters and not impressions. Cute dog.

DUET WITH KERMIT- Will did a very good voice as Kermit. Puppet was a little weird looking. Funny how they were fighting. What was Will wearing too!?!?

CARL WEATHERS POLITICAL AD- Weird, had to get CA in there somehow. Nice cameo but no need for it.

JUSTIN & AMY BACKSTAGE- Amy's outfit was funny. She seemed like a teenybopper, hehe. So funny when she hung on him.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE "CRY ME A RIVER"- remix. Message to Britney for next week?

BARRY GIBB TALK SHOW- Funny seeing guys in their 20s dance like the 70s. Jimmy as Barry was so funny! His voice made me laugh so much! Justin came close to laughing. So weird it was funny.

AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- For Justin being more singer then actor it was good. I laughed more during this one the last one. Lots of Amy and Rachel but more guys in this one then last. Seemed to be a lot of small and short sketches.
HIGHLIGHTS- Come on in, Nick and Jessica, Sully and Denise.

That's it! ~B