Rev. Al Sharpton / Pink
December 6, 2003

By Kristina

hi everyone. this is my first review, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kristina and I am 16. I have been interested in snl since the 25th anniversary. (even though i only watched it to see NSYNC, but give me a break, i was 12.) Then I realized it was really funny. When i was younger, i loved Wayne's World when it came out, even though i had no idea what snl was.

Ok before I start my review on Al Sharpton i just have some words to say about the prevoius shows, but it wont be long:
Jack Black : good
Justin Timberlake: good
Halle berry: terrible
Kelly Ripa: terrible
Andy Roddick: terrible (sports people really suck! except for the one with Derek Jeter)
Alec Baldwin: ehh, alright

COLD OPENING: i missed this since i came home late and my sister did not tape that, but she said it wasnt Hardball. Why didn't they play Hardball? Grr, ok.

MONOLOGUE: Tracey comes out as Al and they both start singing James Brown "I Feel Good". This was pretty good. 8/10

MOM JEANS: Another repeat commercial, but i like this one. My mom said she is getting rid of her pants that looked like Mom Jeans. I hope they make new commercials. 9/10

MICHAEL JACKSON IN A ROLLERCOASTER: Ahh, MJ is so easy to abuse. I like Dratch as Liz Taylor. 7/10
Quote:"Did you buy the boy my perfume White Diamond?"

BRIAN FELLOW'S SAFARI PLANET: I love this! Sharpton is Brian's brother, Ryan, who loves clubbing and the ladies. A seal and a bat come to visit. Ryan suggests a snowman come to visit the show, but Brian says it's not an animal, but a man. 9/10
Quotes: "i here those seals go clubbin' with Eskimo."
"Are you telling me that seal is Mormon?"
"Does that bat know where Bin Laden is?"
"NO! i don't want to see your balls!"

ELIJAH WOOD/JET: Wood is a good actor, and Jet is pretty cool so i'm looking foward to it!

THREE WISE MEN: The three wise men (Kenan,Al,Tracey) get pulled over by a cop (Jimmy). Jeff is an angel, Jimmy asked him if he has anything on him, he doesn't want to say but says "angeldust". This was good. 8/10
Quote: "If you see these 3 wise men, call VVV- XIXI"

PINK PERFORMANCE: I won't rate performances unless if I like the musical guest.

Weekend Update:This has been good since the season started. Jimmy's Nick and Jessica joke was good. Tina's Linda Tripp joke was good. Jimmy's Paris Hilton interview was great. I liked Jimmy and Tina yelling at cities refusing to air tinight's show! Suck it Des Moines! 10/10
Quotes: "Is it hard to get in the Paris Hilton? I may have to go in the Back entrance.Is it roomy?"

BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE: This was nothing special. i just love Maya because she can play black, white, jewish, hispanic,and chinese. 5/10

AL SHARPTON'S CASA DI SUSHI: Horatio did a good Harvey Fierstein impression, but this wasnt as funny as Derek Jeter's Taco Hole or the thing with Stevie Nicks. The politicians fighting saved the skit. 7/10
Quote: You're like David Spade in a comedy."
THE LATOYA JACKSON SHOW: Maya did a good Latoya, and I liked Kenan's Chaka Khan because she can't breathe. 6/10

VASQUEZ GOMEZ VASQUEZ: This isn't my favorite character, I'd prefer Ruth Weinstock or Gabe Fisher. Making fun of my Clay! He is not an albino transvestite! 6/10
Quote: "All Ruben did was blow farts!"

CRYOGENIX: I did not find this funny. 4/10

THE GHOST OF JOHNNY CASH: Hammond did a good impression, but why make fun of all the dead guys? 8/10

Overall, this episode was very good, I'd say the best of the season.