Rev. Al Sharpton / Pink
December 6, 2003

By Joe Average

Intro: I told myself I wouldn't write another damn review... because it was getting boring to me.... but this one goes out to $inie... for believing in my writing skills.... and.... and for living in one of those cities that refused to AIR the episode because of some damn equal time law.
So this one is for you little $inie C. who is sick in the hospital. Here is your dying wish.


Equal Time TV: I haven't seen the real president of NBC before (well, maybe I have in an NBC special or something and just didn't notice or give damn) but it didn't seem like Jimmy did a good job. It just looked like Jimmy was using his regular speaking voice and just moving his arms really fast. What really held the sketch together was the writing. This was a nice way to start to show.
Who Ripped It: Jimmy Fallon (because he was the only one in the sketch).
Monologue: This was nice too. Al Sharpton didn't seem comfortable though. He seemed more relax when he was a guest on the Daily Show with John Stewert. I know he's used to speaking in front of big crowds, but Al Sharpton had that "oh shit, I'm not funny and the audience will find out soon even though they already know it" feel to him while he was up there. Glad Tracy came out and did his thing as the "old" Al Sharpton. The bit was funny. I could have done without the singing, but it seems like every damn person wants to sing in their monologue when they get a chance to host.
Who Ripped It: Tracy Morgan
Mom Jeans: This old commercial is still funny. I saw an old white woman wearing some mom Jeans inside Walmart the other day.
Who Ripped It: The Pants
MJ In a Roller Coaster: Oh shit! I love Amy's Michael Jackson impersonation! It's always off the chain. This is gonna be a classic sketch.
Who Ripped It: Amy Poehler
Brian Fellow's Safari Planet: I never did like Brian Fellows sketches. I'm just glad Tina was in the sketch, instead of just update. The Snowman thingy was good. Tracy should have had better characters. I loved Astronaut Jones and Dominican Lou, but Brian Fellows should have never made it passed dress EVER.
Who Ripped It: The Snowman
3 Wise Men: Oh this sketch was on point! Tracy Morgan did his thing. I never saw this coming. This is one of the best sketches of the night. It was funny how fast Kenan & Tracy's voices changed as soon as Jimmy came up on 'em. Jeff Richards as the Angel was a funny part too.
Who Ripped It: Tracy Morgan
Weekend Update: Jimmy and Tina brung it once again. I loved it when they bashed all the lame cities and states refused to air the episode because of the equal time laws. The Paris Hilton bit with Jimmy talkin' about "getting into the Paris Hilton" was hilarious.
Who Ripped It: Tina Fey
Black Stereotype: One thing I hate when a black person hosts SNL is when they do a damn racial sketch. WTF! It's like they can't let one whole episode go by without doin' at least one "we must squash racial stereotypes" sketch joke. Kill that, but I have to admit that this was funny! Maya's voice, Al Sharpton's reaction to playing in a sketch like this, then ending part with Will Forte getting cooked in a pot, all of it! The part that I liked the most was Kenan & Finesse's part. 
Kenan: Who there?
Finesses: Me there!
Kenan: Who say me there?
Finesse: I say me there!
Kenan: Who say I say me there!?!?
Finesess: I say me say me there!
Kenan: I don't know what you gone do, but I know what my feets gone do! Feets do yo stuff!!!!
OMG! That's some house Negro shit for you right there! This sketch had too many jokes to name but I loved Finesse's "I don't know about you, but I need this job I have 36 children to feed". 
Who Ripped It: Finesse Mitchell
Casa De' Sushi: This sketch was not all that funny. The only things that sorta made me laugh in this sketch was Al's bad acting and the way he was saying sushi was nasty, and Maya looking as if she didn't want to be in the sketch. Them using 2Pac's "California Love" sucked.
Who Ripped It: Amy Poehler for being happy to be in a sketch.
Candidate Party: I liked this sketch, but the impressions could have been stronger I guess. It just looked like the "white males in the cast just wearing gray wigs" to me. I wonder which one of these impressions we will be seeing next year for the cold opener shit we don't know, it might even be Kenan Thompson doin' an Al Sharpton.
Who Ripped It: Jimmy Fallon
Latoya Jackson Show: Oh no you guys, I'm giggling. Why am I giggling. Ohhhh, I'm still giggling. This shit was funny! Maya did an on point Latoya Jackson and Kenan did his thing as Chaka Khan. They should keep doin' this sketch just like Versace.
Who Ripped It: Maya Rudolph
Vasquez's Cab: Man, this character is not the best in the biz. I can't stand Vasquez! When Horatio does him my face just squenches up. This one had some funny elements to it though, but Horatio can't carry a sketch to save his life. 
Who Ripped It: Horatio (only because he actually HAD jokes. Even though most of 'em weren't that funny to me).
Cryogenix: This commercial is "aiight". They show it too much though.
Who Ripped It: The graphics showing people being frozen.
UnEarthed: YES! Darrell in a sketch that doesn't have ish to do with politics!! I was feeling it! I was sold as soon as he said "even though I'm dead. That doesn't mean I don't have a new album coming out. Ain't that the truth. Dead rappers do it all the time. LOL
Who Ripped It: Darrell Hammond