Rev. Al Sharpton / Pink
December 6, 2003

By Jason

Hey everybody, I haven't review in what seems to be an eternity so here's a little useless information about myself before I start my review. My name is Jason, I live in the not so great state of PA (which only got about 4 inches of snow, compared to its bordering states). I've been a long time fan of SNL but I got out of reviewing episodes and I'd like to get back into it. So here goes nothign

My grading Scale

1_ Couldn't have be worse
2_ Not too good, but had potential
3_ good
4_ Really good
5_ Couldn't have been better

Cold Opening: This was pretty funny. I think everyone with half a mind knew they were goign to do a lot of political parodies on this show. Id actually enjoy seeing some of these combinations. Rating_4

Monologue: This was funny, but extremely predictable. I never realized how accurate Tracys impression was until they were on stage together. Rating_4

Mom Jeans- Good, but I liked it better the first time I saw it. Rating_2

Michael Jackson on a roller coaster- This was extremely repetitive and annoying. Amy's Jackson impression sounds like a mentally retarded 5 year old. I didn't crack a smile in this one. Why was this so early in the show?

Three Wise Men- Now this was funny. Al Sharpton's probably one of the last persons I could imagine getting busted by the cops. Best skit so far tonight. Rating_4

Pink- I notice that most of you dont rate music, so I wont rate it, I'll just give my two cents on it. And I simply cannot stand pinks music. In fact I cannot stand most music you'd hear on a radio nowadays. Anyone else remember rock music? (at least we have Jet next week)

Weekend Update- Its very rare they have a bad update, and this was no exception. Good jokes-- panda joke, slavery museum, and Pardo's "suck it Des Moines" comment. Jimmy's interview with Paris Hilton was hilarious. They should do more interviews on update. Other than that, was it jsut me or was this update shorter than normal? Rating_4

uhh.. weird black and white film thingy- I could not think of a good title for this one. or a good review for it either. I didn't get this. But I will point out Jimmy and Horation were used together without breaking character, which gets a bonus point. Rating_2

Al Sharpton's Casa De Sushi- This was also weird... I think I missed the punchline of this, but the costumes and the singing still made me chuckle a little. Rating_3

Politicans Galore- This was funny. I have no idea why this was so late in the show. But it raises a good question, why Al Sharpton? Rating_4

Pink again- *yawns*

Latoya Jackson Show- Making fun of the Jackson family has been so overdone, its pretty much lsot all meaning. Hell I'm starting to feel sorry for them. I hope they dont watch SNL... Rating_1

Vasquez- Horatio's Sanz' worst recurring character... you know now that I think of it, he doesnt really have that many... Rating_1

Cryogenix- Another rerun.. SNL has been doing this a lot htis year, they put two previously used commercials in one show. Are they out of ideas? Rating_2

Johnny Cash- WOW! Darrell sounds exactly like him... to bad he looks nothing like him. Rating_3

Overall Rating_ 35 (all ratings added up). Since this is my first review in a while, im not sure if 35 is good or not. Until next week, bye everybody! and have fun in the show if you were fortunate enough to get some...