Rev. Al Sharpton / Pink
December 6, 2003

By Jamie Klein


   PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I really don't care for Sharpton. I cant picture him to be funny. Then again that's what I said about Al Gore too. Politicians are known to be funny hosts anyway. Pink was great the first time. I'm sure she will be here too.

   EQUAL TIME COLD OPEN- I don't know if Jeff Zucker really talks like that, but it was funny. Some of the jokes were funny. Lets hope Rachel chooses Ross. C

   NEW AL/OLD AL MONOLOGUE- This dragged until Tracy showed up. Once they started to do James Brown it was awesome. Who knew Al Sharpton could sing & dance. He will from now on look like James Brown to me. A

   MOM JEANS- commercial. Why this commercial in December? I didn't see a need for this one. Sounds like SNL ran out of commercial ideas. That's a shame. F

   MICHAEL ON A ROLLERCOASTER- I think Amy does a good Michael Jackson. Sharpton as Johnnie Cochran was funny especially since the real Cochran was sitting in front of me laughing his head off. Boy that was a long roller coaster ride. B

   SAFARI PLANET- Tracy & Al as Bryan & Ryan were annoying everytime they said their names. Chris looks good in a blue shirt. Tina is cute with her hair short. I'm surprised they didn't use real animals unless they couldn't show up because of the snow. The frosty joke was funny. C

   3 KINGS- This sketch was boring. Jeff Richards was a cute angel. It would have been funnier if Sharpton told Jimmy that they were going to go see the newborn king. They should've borrowed the camels from Radio City Christmas Spectacular. If you're in town or planning to be, I recommend this show. F

   PINK "TROUBLE"- I loved this song. She sang it on a talk show. During dress they had to start over because the microphones weren't working right. A

   WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Fred Armisen was cut as Jack Black. I loved it when Tina & Jimmy were yelling at the states. I wasn't looking forward to seeing Paris Hilton because I don't care for her. However I thought it was funny when Jimmy was flirting with her with those hilarious jokes. B

   OLD MOVIE- I thought this was dull. Nice touch on the black & white though. Will Forte didn't need to be in this sketch. F

   CASA DE SUSHI- I loved this sketch. Nice touch on the singers. I happen to like fish too, but I'm with him on the raw stuff. YUCK. I guess we wont see him on Fear Factor. A

   WATCHING THE SHOW- Jimmy is the type that will look good as he gets old. Darrell really did look like Dick Gebhardt. Will Forte was a cute butler. C

   PINK "GOD IS A DJ"- This was also a good song. I like MG like Pink. Nice beat to it. It was funny when Pink got Punk'd on MTV. A

   LATOYA- This was alright. Maya did a good Latoya. I think they could've made Sharpton look more like Joe Jackson. Kenan did an excellent Chaka Kahn. He looks good as a woman. Fred did a good Michael Jackson. The jokes were alright. C

   DRIVIN & TALKIN- That's funny after Horatio dropped Sharpton off because I don't remember Sharpton ever telling Horatio where he wanted to be dropped off. F

   CRYOGENIX- commercial. This commercial went with our weather conditions. Cold, snowy & icy. SNL still needs new commercials. D

   JOHNNY CASH- This was amazing. Darrell did an excellent job as Johnny & he really looked like him. It was as if Johnny was really in the room. I was waiting for John Ritter, Jimmy Hendrix & John Lennon to pop up too. A

   AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- Rev. Al Sharpton did a better job than I thought he would do. Pink was also good. Now if SNL could have more MGs like this. Cant wait until next week with my favorite actor Elijah Wood. I liked him since he was in Radio Flyer. I give this show a C+.