Rev. Al Sharpton / Pink
December 6, 2003

By Dan Fuitt

Hey Guys- My first review in some time.
Anyways, here goes:

I actually thought this was funny. Its really pathetic how...pathetic most prime-time NBC shows are, but anyways yeah, I found the humor. It beats watching Darrell Hammond give a piss-poor impression of G.W.

Yeah, again this was funny. It always seems like if SNL doesn't really know what to do in a monologue, they have the host sing. But hey, it worked and it was really funny.

Mom jeans
I forgot what I gave it the first time, but I'll give it a B+ because its so true and had me laughing. Kudos for turning it into a Christmas theme.

Michael Jackson in a roller coaster
Yeah, this had some funny stuff. Rachel was really funny as Liz Taylor and I liked how Horatio was just thrown in and didn't say anything (His funniest role tonight!) but Michael's (Amys) voice started to get a little annoying after about 4 minutes, but it was funny.

Safari Planet.
I thought it was funny. The character of Ryan Fellow was funny. I would have rather seen an Astronaut Jones skit, but this was pretty good.


Three Wise Men
Yeah, nothing really funny, but nothing terrible either.

Weekend Update

I liked it becase it was a HFZ (Horatio-Free-Zone) so that already gives it about a C, and the jokes were funny. The Paris Hilton bit was actually funny, even though seeing that Fame addicted slut got on my nerves, but the part was funny.

Black 30s Picture
I kinda thought this was funny, but not hilarious. I knew there would be some type of politcal outlet for Al Sharpton to express how he feels this is a racist country, but since I was expecting it and this wasn't over the top, it didn't bother me. I liked the hypocracy. So far the show is real good.

Al Sharpton's Casa De Sushi
Yeah, this was probably the worst so far. It went NOWHERE and the premise itself isn't that funny. But the tagline for the Sushi place about taking your money was funny.

Angry Democrats House Party
Really funny. I liked this one a lot. I only knew who about 3 of them were, but I guess it didn't matter. I love when SNL does these impression outlets, with just a bunch of people doing impressions in a restaurant or something. Reminds me of early 90s SNL.

Pink #2
Yeah, I missed the first Pink, but I watched this. Not a big fan of Pink. She's like a one hit wonder that won't go away. Yeah, very annoying.
Sorry Pinkie. (I wonder if anyone calls her that.)

I only know La Toya Jackson by name, but yeah this again went nowhere and not really memorable. C-

Horatio is EMBARRASING himself. This character is kinda funny when he's with other characters (i.e. Ruth and Gabe) but this stunk.
C- (I'm being EXTREMELY generous, because the Show as a whole is decent)

Cryogenix Commercial
I forgot what I gave it before, but it wasn't stellar.

Ghost of Johnny Cash
I like Darrell's impression, but this didn't go anywhere, but since most skits this late don't go anywhere, I'll give it a C.

Overall: I enjoyed this episode a lot. Second only to Justin Timberlake, this year. Al's acting was about what I thought, and he seemed a lot more toned down than to what I was expecting. This show started out really good and dropped in quality near the end, but if SNL turns out more shows like this, I think they will have a descent year.
B (*What else,?)

Best Skit:Weekend Update/Safari Planet.
Worst: Vasquez

Next Week:
Elijah Wood- I've put him on my host guess list for about 3 years, I knew someday he was host and since the LORD OF THE RINGS finale comes out this year, it made total sense
and Finally, JET performs- I can't wait!

and yes, I have no clue who JET is.

From New Jersey, I'm Dan Fuitt and I'm tired.