Andy Roddick / Dave Matthews
November 8, 2003

By John Koenig

I wasn't planning on doing even one review although I read most of them every week but there was a sketch tonight I had to comment on so here it goes for, more than likely, my only report of the season.

Before I start, I just want to say I think there are way too many comedians on the show. How can you give every one of them decent air time when there's basically maybe 50 minutes of comedy to fill each week ? There must be an average of about 3 to 4 players in every sketch so you do the math. (I'm too lazy). So we get stuck with guys in one skit a week, some with figurative roles and some not even there at all. It's hard to develop star players that way.

Dratch, Hammond and Sanz could easily go work on some other projects. They deserve it. Build the show around Forte, Armisen, Meyers and Poehler. Why is Armisen still a featured player is beyond me. He's just like Forte. Very imaginative, full of energy and, would you believe it ? HE'S FUNNY! That Billy Smith character he did a couple of weeks ago was a masterpiece. Forte is the future and maybe even the present. This guy's got what it takes. He must write his own stuff cause it's so good it's embarassing for the others. Meyers is good in supportive roles and Poehler is basically the only girl who can make you laugh on the show.

CO : I can never really get over Dratch's high pitched voice. I've already suffer from tinnitus and this only makes things worse. Poehler's Stewart was ok. Sketch pretty boring for a cold opening but it's a comedy classic compared to Hammond's Bush from last week (that was the worst president impression I've ever seen).

MONO : Ok. I expected the absolute worst from Roddick. I still get the dry heaves when I think about the Jeff Gordon show from last year. This could not be as bad, hopefully. Pretty good performance here by Andy, wouldn't you say ? He says about two lines, gets interrupted by some black and white couple, by John McEnroe and by Mitchell doing an impression of OutKast. At some point, he wasn't even in the picture!!! I give the guy credit though. He has the balls (what an incredible joke) of hosting the show wihtout any acting experience but this mono was... well... not very good. McEnroe was great though. Full of energy and sarcastic. The tennis world needs more guys like him. They're mostly like politically correct robots these days.


CRYOGENICS : Wow. They could have found funnier diseases (if such a thing exist.. what about STDs...) instead of lactose intolerance!

MAN IN THE BOX : AND WE'RE BACK! With what ? "Andy's been pooping his pants" jokes. Nice effort by Fallon. The "not a real person because he's black" joke was funny. Nicely delivered. Roddick was just lethargic here.

TENNIS HALL OF FAME : Well. I'm a very old man (mid thirties) and pretty sure the average viewer's age for SNL is not above 25 though I've got nothing to back me up here. But the BJK match occured in 1973 and may have been a big event for people over say... 50 but I wasn't too thrilled they brought back this relic from the past as a premisse for a sketch. I can't even remember seeing BJK in a tennis match. I think her career was over even before the 80's so it's hard to judge Armisen's impression. Let's give him the benefice of the doubt. Roddick as himself was bland and McEnroe was good. I don't know that Collins guy Hammond was impersonnating (probably McEnroe's collegue in real life) but when was the last time you watched tennis on television ?

GOVERNESS : Mary Poppins came out in 1964. Why use that cultural reference here ? Is there a 40 year anniversary special DVD with exclusive footage from Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke soon to hit the shelves ? Couple an old cultural reference with Dratch's shrieking voice and you haven't got a winner. Roddick looked good in his pj though.

PARNELL AND MAC : MacEnroe was solid again. Hey! He should be hosting. He's doing a fine job.

HALL AND OATES : Well this was one for the ages. H&O were big when I was a teenager. I actually like them quite a lot. Seeing them being portrayed by the future big two, Forte and Armisen, was priceless. It wasn't very funny but kudos to the guys for a job well done. Especially Fred who's Oates was just hilarious.

MR WILLIAMS : First time we see Thompson as a man. Boy he and Mitchell really need more exposure to show what they can do. So far, it's been subpar at best. I have a good feeling about this young man but he needs definitely funnier characters than Richard Williams. Who cares about Serena and Venus' father ? Who has actually seen him except seating in the stands at some tournament ?

WU : Tina was really on with her vagina jokes. The joke about Bush being mentally exhausted was hilarious. Why ? Cause it's so close to reality. In fact, it probably is. Sanz as Rosie was all right. He didn't screw up as much as with the whole Jimmy Buffet's fiasco. That one was simply horrendous. Forte as Calhoun was gold. As they say in the PGA : "These guys are good".

TENNIS TALK : I don't enjoy miss Rudolph that much. When she's good she's ok. When she's bad, she's awful (think Versace.. or that pet psychic from last week... ough...) Tennis Talk is in the "all right" category but the jokes were just not there. Nothing too funny about Andre Agassi. Roddick again was lethargic.

MERV THE PERV : Seeing Chris Parnells in his underwear is something I'd like taken away from my memory banks. Too bad I'm not an android. I'll have to live with that ghastly image for a while.

JOCK TALK : This one was plain bad. Even McEnroe struggled in that one. I felt bad for everybody.

ACTION 13 : Again, this one was unfunny and annoying.

I'll say this for Andy Roddick. He's the best in the world at what he does and that's pretty amazing. He's got a cannon for a serve and is the US OPEN champion. But there won't be a gold statuette on his mantle soon unless it has Mandy Moore's name on it. Have a great season everybody.