Andy Roddick / Dave Matthews
November 8, 2003

By JdW

Cold Opening
PLAYERS: Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler
*Awesome start! I was wondering who was going to do Barbara with Cheri gone, and Rachel did awesome! Amy's Martha wasn't Gastayer quality but it was still funny! I took one point off because I wish instead of saying "some people say you are" they should have used names! But a great sketch still.

"Andy Roddick"(10/10)
PLAYERS: Andy Roddick, John Mcenroe, TINA FEY, Finesse Mitchell, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, & 2 writers
*Ok, yes I know Andy had nothing to do with the monologue, and I don't care! Yes, Finesse does a good Outkast impression but Tina dancing! Awesome shit! She was like doing erotic dancing with the kinky face, and in the end she even showed off her booty-lusciousness! Nothing else matters does it? No, it doesn't.

PLAYERS: Chris Parnell, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, Seth Myers, & Jeff Richards
*Very original! We have all heard of freezing yourself for serious problems like cancer, but the idea of freezing yourself because "they will probably have a better weight loss pill in the future" is awesome!

"Radio Z105"(10/10)
PLAYERS: Jimmy Fallon, Andy Roddick
*I took a crap in my pants because I couldn't control my bladder and stuff due to the fact I was laughing so hard! Then my Mom got super mad at me for ruining her new silk couch, but it was well worth it I'd say. The previous is an example of over-exaggerating. You like? You know you love it. Anyway, I am obviously immensely happy that this sketch is now re-occurring because I loved it the first time and it was even better this time! It's like a wonderful showcase for Jimmy! This is the best thing since Wayne's World and should be done weekly! Radio Z105! I better move on because I could admire this sketch for days.

"Battle of the Sexes 2"(8/10)
PLAYERS: Fred Armisen, Darrel Hammond, John Mcenroe & Andy Roddick
*Funny idea, parading the 70's battle of the sexes a tennis match between a fat over the hill man and a very good athletic female. Fred Armisen was hilarious here. I think there are one to many John Mcenroe cameos tonight. He's like a co-host.

PLAYERS: Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Chris Parnell, & Andy Roddick
*This is the first time Andy wasn't playing himself all night! Reminds me of the Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Charles Barkley episodes of the early 90's. The athletes just play themselves over and over! Anyway, this sketch was short and sweet. Rachel is having a big night! The concept of Mary Poppins in the not so proper present day America is just awesome!

"Andy Roddick's Mid-Show Report"(7/10)
PLAYERS: Chris Parnell, John Mcenroe
*Chris was pretty funny, and it was decent when John got mad. But really, enough Mcenroe cameos.

"A Hall & Oates Reunion of Sorts"(8/10)
PLAYERS: Fred Armisen, Will Forte & Andy Roddick
*Whenever Fred and Forte sing together, I laugh. Fred's wig was awesome too! Another good concept for a sketch.

"Venus & Serena's Father"(9/10)
PLAYERS: Keenan Thompson, Andy Roddick
* I don't like how this is the second sketch between a sketch tonight, but I did like how it was better than the Mid-show report. Keenan was actually funny here, I think this was my favorite thing he's done so far.

"Dave Matthews Band"(1/10)
*Bah! Another trendy band-of-the-moment musical guest tonight. SNL has yet to get a good music act all season. At least Dave Matthews is better than pop music or boy bands or rap! So I'll give it a point. But still very bad!

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey (10/10)
PLAYERS: Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Will Forte, & Horatio Sanz
*No way! This was so damn good! Weekend Update is once again the best part of the whole damn show! Tina and Jimmy are a perfect combo baby! The glorious return of Tim Calhoun was both unexpected and incredibly hilarious! He is my favorite politician ever; his note cards, hand movements, trademark voice and crazy babblings make him an awesome character for Mr. Forte! Horatio as the two sides of Rosie O'Donnell was so funny! Of course, as usual, Jimmy was laughing his ass off and was un-auditable but that's become an SNL trademark now. The best part was when he called Tina a lesbian! Fey and Fallon's jokes were perfect again! WU wins again!

"Scott Joplin: Time Traveler"(6.5/10)
PLAYERS: Maya Rudolph, Seth Myers, Will Forte & Andy Roddick
*Will was pretty funny and having the Andre Agassi of the past, present and future was a good idea, however, I don't really like this character or this sketch. Maya can and usually does better. Still, this was worth a chuckle or two.

"Merv the Perv"(9/10)
PLAYERS: Chris Parnell, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph & Andy Roddick
*Thank goodness for this! I am a big Chris Parnell fan and he used to be one of the main three players on the show. Then this year he has been doing very little! It's a good sign that he has his own sketch now, "Merv the Perv". This one looks poised to be re-occurring. It is so funny how Chris delivers the lines, that and how awesome the lines are! Hysterical! I almost pissed my pants but I was able to save it last minute. I took one point off because Andy Roddick sucked in this sketch.

Music 2
"Dave Matthews Band"(1/10)
*Same as before.

"Jock Talk"(8.5/10)
PLAYERS: Jeff Richards, Seth Myers, John Mcenroe & Andy Roddick
* This was funny; Jeff played a character similar to Jared's roommate. This had some funny parts; I love making fun of clichéd jocks because I am so much better than them in life. Pardon the ego trip there, back to the topic. This lost some points because Mcenroe was back and some parts dragged.

"Action 13 News"(8/10)
PLAYERS: Will Forte, Maya Rudolph & Andy Roddick
* Good solid ending for the fifth time in a row this season! I can safely say SNL will no longer be known for having bad sketches at the end of the show! Ironically, this past Sunday I took some friends of mine to The Second City etc.'s newest revue, "Pants on Fire" here in Chicago. They did a scene where news anchors couldn't give the news because the music kept playing. Of course Second City did a better job, but this was still funny!

Final Thoughts
Main Players: Tina Fey!, Rachel Dratch & Jimmy Fallon
Favorite Sketches/Moments: Tina dancing! Radio Z105, Weekend Update, and the many one-liners given to us by Merv the Perv!
Worst Moments: Music(as usual), all the Mcenroe cameos and Scott Joplin: Time Traveler
All in All: An awesome episode, adding to what is shaping up to be a great season! Every week I am reminded why I love this show so much and all the people who make it! I am really looking forward to next weeks show because Alec Baldwin is hosting! He is one of the best hosts ever, along with Steve Martin and Tom Hanks. So you know next week is going to rule! Well in the words of the DJ on Radio Z105:
I'm going to get some moonaki from the new intern!
Young Intern: Oh no, shut up you guys, you're terrible
New weatherman: Oh hell no! That white man is not going to get with that intern!
Man in the Box: I'd give her what she wants!
DJ: Oh man, all you guys just want some nice moonaki!
See ya next week!