Kelly Ripa / Outkast
November 1, 2003

By Jamie Klein

   PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I happen to start watching Regis & Kelly recently & I'm hooked. I think Kelly will do a great job. Maybe Regis or the real Gelman will cameo. Outkast isnt a bad group. I recently saw one of their music videos in the AMC theatre.

   BUSH COLD OPEN- What Happened!!!! I thought Parnell was supposed to do Bush. Now I have to get used to Darrell doing him. Some of the jokes were funny, but I was distracted with Darrells big head. Bush doesnt have a big head. B

   GARNIERE SUPREME- commercial. I loved this commercial. Now you can see how Kelly juggles three jobs with three kids. Hee Hee. A

   REGIS & KELLY- Now this was hilarious. I love it when they do a sketch and the real person is in it. Why didnt they have the real Gelman do himself? I guess Chris Kattan was desperate for money. It was nice seeing Kattan again though. I laughed when Kelly kicked Amy & said I hate her perkiness. A

   WEIGHT GAIN- I watch Access Hollywood all the time, but I have never seen Pat O'Brien interview anyone. I laughed when Horatio sat down & the couch went up. I didnt need to see Horatio putting two twinkies in his mouth though. Its a good thing he didnt try to laugh or you would have seen him choke. C

   OUTKAST "HEY YA"- This is the song I saw the music video to. I knew the song & I was dancing in my seat. It was also stuck in my head for awhile. A

   WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Rachel Dratch was cut as a hobo talking about Halloween. The jokes were great this time. Jeff Richards as Drunk girl is always hilarious especially when he gave Jimmy some M&Ms. I loved Horatio's Jimmy Buffett. He sounded just like him. A

   COW FARTS- Will looked great in this sketch. Somehow I knew Kelly would do a soap opera spoof. Some of the cow farts were funny. I'm suprised Will didnt get sick of the job because of the smell. B

   LEILANI BURKE PET PSYCHIC- Somehow I can see this as recurring. I thought the cat tolerated being moved around & held like he was really well. I dont think the bird paid any attention. B

   OUTKAST "THE WAY YOU MOVE"- This was a good song, but it wasnt worth dancing to. B

   SPY GLASS- This sketch was OK. I did like the jokes though. Great job on the accent Seth & Amy. Kelly didnt do a very good Halliwell. What was the point of having Jimmy in there as Pat O'Brien again? I can see this one recurring again too. I wonder what happened to Seth & Amy doing Lil Sleuths? C

   ADOPT A PET- I loved this sketch because I'm an animal lover. I loved the puppy & Chris cute faces. Chris thought the puppy was cute too. I talked to Chris about this sketch. A

   AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- Kelly Ripa did an excellent job. She hardly read the cue cards. Dont be surprised if she talks about it on Mondays show. Outkast was good too. I give this show a B+