Kelly Ripa / Outkast
November 1, 2003

By funnyboy88

1= good skit .5 = hmmmmm 0 = bad to the bone

Bush - Sweet lord. Hell has frozen over. Someone else can do an impression
better than Darrell. I can't even describe how bad this impression was.
But I will anyway. Darrell did not change his voice at all. He barely
tried changing his face (he did, but please try to look like Bush more than
twice in a skit). He didn't do any funny mannerisms. HE JUST DIDN'T LOOK
OR SOUND LIKE BUSH AT ALL. Parnell's impression was genius compared to
tihs. Frank Caliendo can do a truly amazing impression of GWB. He gets the
voice DEAD ON. Why can't Darrell do it? I never thought I'd say this, but
bring Parnell's back if they can't get someone better. 0

Monologue - I liked this. The funniest was the black guy and his wife. The
pairing was just so odd in the first place, and the jokes were great. "wait
wait, you got 3 jobs??" Higgins got another funny cameo in. Pretty solid
overall. 1

Cocaine Color - Ok, I thought Ripa did a great job acting in this and the
jokes were good, but I don't think putting coke in a hair color product is a
funny idea at all. It seems like something one of the druggies on my bus
would laugh about when high. "heh heh what if they put coke in hair color
stuff" "hahaha!" The premise of hair color coke doesn't really satirize
anything or show any creativity. .5 for the idea

Regis - Ripa does a pretty good impression of Jolie! Best line: "Now it
says here that you make out with your brother." Nice to see Kattan back for
Gelman. Pretty good skit. Me likey. 1

Obese Coach - I thought this was pretty good. The celebrity montage of
former clients was mean but way funny. Ripa's impression of Rene looked
fantastic, with the whole squinty eyes bit and the "I can't see" jokes.
Mostly fat jokes, but funny none the less. 1

Update - Wow, the jokes were great! Every one made me laugh out loud.
Jimmy had a couple Normish ones thrown in there. Drunk Girl was enjoyable
too. I really liked the P. Diddy part. What was with the hell joke about
the announcer? That was totally uncalled for, but the part about guessing
the age was good. Update was 100% funny until Horatio. He totally ruined
it. It was bad bad bad. It could've been funny, but it was such a sloppy
mess. Phil Hartman would've found this disgraceful to the show. .5, and
you can thank Horatio.

Cow Fart Scientist - Great skit! Although it relied only on fart humor, it
worked. The soap opera parody aspect was great too. I liked the subtle
joke of Armisen eating a sandwich in the room. 1

Leilani Burke - Though at first it seemed to be a lame rip off Dog Show, it
turned out pretty good. I like Maya's character, and the bizareness of it
all was funny. I'm not sure if they should bring this skit back or not. 1

Spy Glass - yikes. ouch. I didn't laugh out loud once. What was with the
last Obrien joke where he says one thing, pauses, then says another? They
did it in the Obese Coach skit too and I don't get it. 0

Animal Shelter - People insult a cute dog! Har! Just a plain bad idea.
Parnell had some funny acting, but overall, this was bad bad bad. 0

Overall - Jeez, what a strange show! The show featured a lot of crappy
crap, but interspersed was a lot of great material! The monologue, Regis,
the commercial, the obese coach, cow farts, Update jokes, and Burke all
featured REALLY funny stuff, but the rest was doo doo that I would never
ever want to watch again.

Score - 6/10, 60%

That's two F's in a row. The show is 50/50 this year. We had two great
episodes, and then 2 poor episodes. The thing about this episode was that
althought it got such a low score, it still featured tons of funny things.
Oh well. Next week better rock, or else the number of bad will outnumber
the good.