Kelly Ripa / Outkast
November 1, 2003

By Dan Fuitt

Hi, I'm Dan Fuitt and this is my review.
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Well, Now for the review..

Cold Opening
-Look- Here's the deal..Chris Parnell's worst impression hands down is President Bush. O.K. I was begining to accept that. Darrell is one hell of a great impressionist but THIS ISN'T RIGHT. Darrell was beyond horrible. I mean it was pathetic how wrong this impression was. I didn't laugh once and I was just in shock of how bad it was. Man, Darrell- WHAT HAPPENED?

-Eh..It really went nowhere and besides the black guy (Who is probably funnier than Finnesse thus far-No offense Finesse..) it really wasn't funny. Way too long also.

Tressant Supreme
Kelly was really, really funny in this. Probably the funniest part of the night. I really, really liked it. Kinda reminded me of that cereal commercial a long time ago with Extasy in it.

Regis and Kelly
-Well, I liked this one a lot. I didn't really see the need to bring Kattan back since anybody could play Gelman, but Chris does do a good impression. Funny stuff here, Kelly was great as Angelina Jolie and I liked the clip of "Beyond Borders".

Access Hollywood
I am so sorry but I am so sick of Horatio. He has some good characters (Frankie and Gobi) but most of them are lame. This is no different. This wasn't terrible and did have some funny parts- especially the couch gag. Kelly didn't do that great of a job with her Renee Zellwegger impression but that's alright.


Outkast is awesome. The best MG so far. QUick Tidbit of information abot ANDRE 3000- He's gonna play Jimi Hendrix in a biopic based on his life.

Weekend Update
This was the ONLY time I ever thought Drunk Girl was funny, but I still didn't really like it. It just gets really, really old. The jokes were pretty good, but once again leave it to Horatio to screw up a good WU (Which he did on the Halle Berry ep. IMO) I totally noticed that the background music wasn't even guitar, but whatever.

Man. MAN! I wanted this to be good. I thought Forte could pull a great skit, but no. Not tonight. I will say this- at least it was kinda different. But yeah, it was still stupid. Worry Will, can't win them all.

Lelani Burke:Dog Psychic
-Uh. Not funny. AT LEAST "DOG SHOW" was insane and weird. This was neither. Just boring and not funny.

I missed this one, Sorry.

I liked this skit. It was clever and kinda funny. Some parts were stupid, but overall it wasn't terrible.

Adopt a Pet
Uh, this was weak, but not as weak as one would expect. This is a good example of a skit that could have been a lot funnier if more heart went into it. Oh well.

Overall- C. A very weak show. Not quite as bad as Halle Berry's episode, but still bad. All of the skits were kinda dull and nothing was really original. I think there was too much of Horatio and not enough of the funnier cast members (Fred, Seth, Will, Chris) and nothing from Kenan or Finnesse (Or was he "P.Diddy"?)

Good Night New Jersey!
Dan Fuitt