Kelly Ripa / Outkast
November 1, 2003

By Comma

Cold Opening:

Come on Darrell. Maybe it's time to hang it up. Hopefully you saved your money!



Kelly Ripa is the greatest. Unfortunately, SNL isn't anymore, and she'll probably leave wondering why she even agreed to be on the show. The audience thing returned, and that'll make up for everything.


Tressant Supreme

Very funny, since she's basically serious in her TV commercials anyway


Regis and Kelly

No surprise that Chris Kattan would surface. It just doesn't seem right without him.


Access Hollywood:

Ripa does a mean Renee. Who cares if the whole thing sucked in everyone's mind; it's the squinting that counted here!



Outkast was great. I actually enjoy their music, which is why they'll go down as being the stars of the night.



The new intros and the P Diddy thing were great. The CA fire joke was so and so, but everything else sucked, thanks to Horatio.



Crap. Nuff said.


Leilani Burke: Pet Psychic

It was boring, probably because the show was. Nice idea though!



Ditto from what I said before.



Jimmy's Pat O'Brien impression was about the only thing good here. Other than that, not much here to rant about that was good.


Adopt a Pet

Well, at least they helped me remember that Parnell was actually still on the show.

Overall score: F

I was going to give it a D since it wasn't a long show with a lot of stuff, but I figured that would be way too lenient. With only 12 things, there's no excuse why they should have done bad tonight.