Kelly Ripa / Outkast
November 1, 2003

By Bob Barron

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Sports Report-

Leafs: Good God. That performance was an absolute disgrace tonight. I'm going to see them play on Saturday and if they put on a performance closely resembling that- I will be very pissed. The defence has just gone to hell and it's a shame watching Eddie get no support like that. Luckily the Eastern Conference is pretty weak at the moment so they can afford to play like garbage every once in a while- but Leaf fans don't deserve to have to have to watch that crap

Canucks: They've yet to lose at home- at least one team knows how to reward its paying customers. The Western Conference is a dog fight and the Canucks are doing everything right to win it. I'm glad Todd Bertuzzi agreed to resign in the middle of the season- That's a very nice thing to do. I hope they can keep playing well- this team could go real far.

The 2003 Stanley Cup Champion New Jersey Devils: They're not off to the start that I would've liked but at least they haven't played any games where they lost 7-1. Brodeuer's been on fire recently- and that's what I like to see.

Saints: They were so close to turning their season around but ended up blowing that game against Carolina in typical New Orleans Saints fashion. I seriously think they should play for a draft pick now. The season is a lost cause.


Lauren Lazarus writes-

Hey Bob,
My name's Lauren, and I read your reviews every week. They're great, but the point of this e-mail is -- I'm a huge Red Sox fan (I'm a Braves fan too, as I'm from Atlanta, but the Red Sox are really my team). Last Thursday when I watched that heartbreaking Game 7, my last coherent thought before hitting the sheets around 12:30 was, "At least we'll get a good Seth Meyers commentary out of this." And then, as you said in your review -- HORATIO SANZ??? And SUPER FANS??? I was so pissed I turned it off after Weekend Update. I, like you, am in awe of the talent and humor that is Seth Meyers, and when Horatio showed up on my screen instead of Seth, I nearly blew a fuse. Anyways, just thought I'd let you know there's someone else that's ticked off over it. Have fun writing reviews, I know I have fun reading them.


A Braves and a Red Sox fan- I half dig. The Red Sox are just so frustrating. Every year they always have a chance to knock off the Yankees and every year- they ALWAYS blow it. It's so maddeningwatching Boston. You want them to win but in the end- but you know they're gonna blow it. I applaud you for turning off that waste of salary. I would've clicked over to Hockey Night in Canada but the Canucks weren't playing. Which was more heartbreaking? Aaron Boone or Horatio Sanz? Thank you for the kind words.

Chad Ruffner writes-

Hi Bob,


Raw was pretty good show tonight, as It
has been for about the last month or so. Did Vince
hire new writers or something? Nevertheless, I hope
this Is a long term trend and not something that will
disappear after Survivor Series. Hearing rumors that
Vince and Co. are actually planning out Matches for
Wrestle Mania 20 4 Months In advance, (rather than 4
weeks), restores a little bit of my lost confidence In
this Company. I said a little bit. What did you



Yea- RAW was quite okay. Long term planning is what the company should do and it is what works best. Summerslam 2002 is evidence of that. The big match was booked months in advance and it was done perfectly. Too bad Survivor Series looks like a major suckfest.

Considering how much I've spent on Wrestlemania XX- that show better deliver. writes-

Hey Bob it's jojo from the SNLMB. In my Halle Berry review, I said that it was one of the worst, if not the worst SNL show in the 21st century. Which epsiode do you think was the worst from the 21st century so far?


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Alan Cumming/Jennifer Lopez is the worst episode I have ever seen. The show was so bad that I called NBC to complain about it. I hope SNL never puts on a show that horrid again. The show was so bad that the producers of Mad TV said "Damn- that was bad."

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A Minute with Stan Hooper

As you guys know- I'm a HUGE fan of Norm Macdonald and of course I'm very happy that he has his new show 'A Minute with Stan Hooper.' Here is my review of the pilot-


When I heard the plot of A Minute with Stan Hooper- I was a little bit sceptical. I had trouble seeing how Norm Macdonald could play his usual character under the context of a TV newsman. Then when I found out that Norm was playing someone completely different I began to have faith in Stan Hooper. Artie Lange assured me that it was really funny. I think that Norm himself is worried about alienating his fanbase with the show.

Well one episode in and I'm already sold. I enjoyed the show's style of humour- it wasn't cute one liner after one cute liner- the jokes seemed to work for the most part and I'm already enjoying some of the characters. A show like Stan Hooper takes a bit of time to find its comedic peak. With an ensemble piece like that it's hard for every character to find their voice in one episode. The show did a great job of establishing everyone and giving the audience a peak to their comedic potential. The only one I'm not feeling so far is Chelsea.

Norm was perfect in his role. I liked how he just watched the action unfold and filled in the blanks with his comments. It's a different Norm then what we're used to but he was just fine as Stan Hooper. Watching him react to the actions of the small town will be a lot of fun to watch in the coming weeks. I admire Norm for taking on something different instead of playing a sarcastic idiot.

Penelope Ann Miller didn't really have much to do but she played the wife just fine. She seems to be Stan's conscious and moral centre. I'd like to see her get more funny lines but I'm enjoying her interactions with the butler.

I'm really enjoying Eric Lively so far. Having him get to share a lot of his scenes with Fred Willard and Norm should really help him go places. His character had the down home small town thing down pat.

Daniel Roebuck is fantastic and was the best non-Norm or Fred part. I loved his voice, his mannerisms- everything about him had me laughing my ass off. This character could really be the breakout of the show.

Garrett Dillahunt was very funny but too underused. His character has a lot of potential and I'm very interested to see how the show plays up the gay thing.

Brian Howe just screams breakout potential and Norm knows this. I just hope he isn't overused and shoved down our throats like other sitcoms will be. He needs to be used sparingly- whenever you just need a scene of laughter- use the butler. If he's used too much he'll just wear thin.

Fred Willard was terrific. I'm disappointed that he's only a guest star since the show is immediately lifted by his presence. I think Norm didn't think the father-son conflict would work for 22 episodes so having him there sparingly to lighten up the mood a bit.


I liked how the show got right to the point. Most sitcoms would stretch out Norm wanting to leave New York and live in a small town- but like the premiere of Ed- it got right to the point. No meandering bullshit- the synopsis of the show was done in 15 seconds.

I loved the premiere episode and a show like this can only get better. It takes a long time to flesh out and establish all the characters so Stan Hooper will take some time before it finds it comedic peak.

I look forward to seeing where the storylines flesh out and what happens next.

Thumbs Way Up



Cold Opening
Cast- Darrell Hammond
Thoughts- What has happened to Darrell? Last year he was flat out awesome and one of my favourite performers- and this year he's been awful. He didn't even do an impression of George Bush. Parnell may have been pretty bad but at least he TRIED something. Note to Darrell: George W. Bush does not have the same voice as you. It's a shame that SNL has found nobody to replace Ferrell's Bush because it was nice having guaranteed good cold openings. Darrell had some funny lines but the impression was just atrocious and really killed the skit. *

Cast- Kelly Ripa, Rachel Dratch, James Downey
Thoughts- I don't know which made me mark out harder- Jim Downey or Kelly Ripa's boobs. Well one did make me harder. Sorry- it was too easy. Seeing Jim Downey is always a huge highlight though. They haven't done questions from the audience in a long time and it was nice to see it brought back. I wonder why they decided to have writers play the audience members- Poor Kenan was in nothing this week. This was a fun monologue and unlike last week- it didn't tease a kiss and not deliver. ***

Tressant Supreme
Cast- Ripa
Thoughts- One thing I don't get about those Kelly Ripa hair commercials- when it looks like she's struggling with her hair- it doesn't look that bad. So it always puzzles me when she's frustrated. Everyone watches that show for Regis anyway. This was really funny and it was good to see Ripa be able to make fun of herself like that. Really good stuff here. ***3/4

Regis and Kelly
Cast- Chris Kattan, Ripa, Hammond, Amy Poehler, Meyers
Thoughts- I guess three shows was just too long to go without the presence of Chris Kattan. It should be noted that on his first show back- Kattan portrayed a gay man. I'm just saying. One thing Darrell can do well is an impression of Regis Philbin and it was the usual good stuff. It's a shame Regis didn't cameo tonight. He's the man (even if he did screw Norm out of a million dollars) and any appearance by him would've totally rocked the Kasbah. Kelly did a pretty good Angelina Jolie- I was impressed. The Beyond Borders clip was funny stuff. This was the usual solid Regis and Kelly- it's a shame this is probably the last we'll see it. ***1/4

Access Hollywood
Cast- Ripa, Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon
Thoughts- Since this skit was about Renee Zelwegger- I strongly recommend all of you check out the latest Premiere Magazine. Renee is starting to pack on the pounds for Bridget Jones 2 and she looks AMAZING. I think it's disgusting that Weight Watchers is offering her money to lose the weight after Bridget is done. First of all: SHE ISN'T FAT WHEN SHE IS BRIDGET JONES. She's just healthy. And I'm no doctor- but I don't think a yoyo diet is very healthy. So Jack White- if you're reading this- tell Renee to say no to Weight Watchers. And to eat more hamburgers.

Kelly Ripa got Renee's extreme squinting down but other then that her Renee was sub par. As someone pointed out- You can't do a proper Renee impression without her saying 'I know' 1,000 times. My hatred for Horatio Sanz grows everyday. I know SNL needs a fat guy but Kenan Thompson is a bit pudgy and even though I didn't Boat Trip- I have a feeling Good Burger was a lot funnier. Jimmy's Pat O'Brien doesn't really do it for me. Horatio was just beyond bad here and aside from a couple of chuckles- this skit had nothing. _*

Thoughts- I remember the last time Outkast was the musical guest- one of the guys looked like Ric Flair. I was disappointed that the Nature Boy was not represented this time around. Oh and SNL- for the love of God please change the train sign. This was pretty good stuff and I enjoyed the energy that Andre (I think it was him) brought. ***

Weekend Update
Cast- Fey, Fallon, Sanz, Richards
Thoughts- I don't like to curse in my reviews. One of the advantages of this is that when I DO decide to curse- I think it means something. So here it goes:

Fuck Horatio Sanz.

Seriously- Despite Drunk Girl this WU was headed towards the amazing category. And then we had to endure Horatio Sanz's garbage that killed any momentum this GREAT Weekend Update was building. The stuff with P.Diddy, The Rod Roddy jokes, and all of Tina's material was tremendous and reminiscent of Updates that I had given 5* to. My heart sank when I saw Jeff trot out Drunk Girl (Impressions Jeff- not characters) but even that wasn't THAT bad and I still felt we could see a highly rated Update. It's also quite sad that Tina's Arnold was much better then Darrell's. Thus proving my theory: Everyone can do a better Arnold impression then Darrell Hammond. And then we got the endless crap of Horatio's horrible Jimmy Buffett that just seemed to drag on forever. I think time stood still during it. I know Jimmy and Horatio like to have fun and laugh and that's fine- if they keep it in dress rehearsal where it belongs. It's disgusting watching it on the live show. It's a slap in the face to every person who aspires to be on Saturday Night Live and has to sit there watching someone else live their dream and spit on it. There's a time to have fun (That's called dress rehearsal) and there's a time to be professional. (We call that the live show) It's disheartening just watching Weekend Update go to hell in a handbasket when the name Horatio Sanz is uttered. I know I pimp him endlessly but Seth Meyers has been on WU 0 times this season. Horatio Sanz has been on WU 2 times this season. That is not right at all considering he's done nothing but bring down the quality of Weekend Update and spit in the face of the hard work that Jimmy and Tina do to put this Update together. And no- I'm not blaming Jimmy here. He looked really disinterested at Horatio's antics at first and only seemed to start losing it when Horatio had already lost it. Why does the viewer want to sit there and watch two people giggle like idiots? I don't know about you but if I had the choice between a funny commentary about baseball and a man giggling- I'd pick the funny commentary. So fuck Horatio Sanz and I hope Lorne gets his head out of his ass and starts putting on people on Update who can do funny commentaries instead of people whose only talent seems to be to know how to giggle.

Now I know I'm coming off negative here and it really sucks that Horatio has to take away from the greatness that Tina and Jimmy produced this week. They were both feeling it this week and it's a shame that WU wasn't a ****1/2 classic- blame Horatio Sanz. ***1/2

Cast- Ripa, Will Forte, Fred Armisen
Thoughts- Even though this skit sucked- I do have something positive to say. When I say a cow's ass producing fart and Will Forte right there- I had a feeling that he would be able to make this be really funny. That shows how good the guy can be when he is given quirky or stupid material to work with. This was pretty bad and it had a lot of potential but it just decided to use something cheap and juvenile to get its punchline across and I think the skit suffered as a whole. And what is with SNL and the skit turns out to be a commercial thing? They've done it now three times this year- I don't get it. _*

Lelani Burke
Cast- Ripa, Maya Rudolph, Sanz, Poehler
Thoughts- Well we had an hour of zero Maya but all good things come to an end. Some things never change: The Boston Red Sox will always choke, will still be the best place for info on WU's hottest duo (well only duo) and a skit featuring Maya Rudolph after 12:30 will suck. Thanfully this was her only skit of the night and it was one of those skits where you think 'Darn- the Canucks aren't on.' The usual drek from Maya. DUD

Thoughts- I don't remember these guys impressing me when they were on the Jonny Mosely show. A quick look back reveals I gave them *1/2 and **1/2, But they were really good tonight and I thought this song was great and a lot of fun to listen to. All I ask for is high energy at 12:40 am and they brought it in spades. The wacky dancing was also quite funny. I'll be downloading some Outkast after tonight. ***3/4

Cast- Ripa, Meyers, Poehler, Fallon
Thoughts- Woo-hoo- Seth and Amy in a skit! This was very cute and Jimmy's Pat O'Brien impression was really good here as it was so out of place that it was hilarious. You don't have to do much to impress me late at night. This gave me a few hearty chuckles and put on a smile on my face. **1/2

Adopt a Pet
Cast- Ripa, Chris Parnell
Thoughts- Poor Chris Parnell. The guy gets fired, gets an impression taken away and then has only one skit- and it's the last of the night. Ouch. At least he can say he did a funny movie with Renee Zelwegger. I know I've slagged on him a lot but he was fine form here and this was a very funny skit that did not deserve to be the last skit of the time. I feel sorry for that poor dog though. Parnell was great here and this skit had a lot of good lines and was great considering it was the last skit of the night. ***1/2

Thoughts- The avg. skit was **.37 making this show a thumbs in the middle and with Andy Roddick next week I don't expect the non-thumbs up streak to end. This just suffered from way too many clunkers and people like Darrell Hammond and Horatio Sanz are seriously starting to piss me off with Darrell's awful impressions and Horatio acting like an unprofessional jackass and ruining my favourite segment of SNL. There are still bright spots to be had but I hope Lorne gets a clue. I never want to see Horatio Sanz on Weekend Update AGAIN. Kelly did a fine job and looked hot doing it so no complaints here. And I'll try to end on a positive note and give Tina and Jimmy major props for their amazing performance on Weekend Update.

Thumbs in the Middle