Megan Mullally / Clay Aiken
February 7, 2004

By Jamie Klein


PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- Megan Mullally is alright. I love Clay Aiken. I hope he does the song Invisible. The show should be good.

NIGHTLINE COLD OPEN- This was an OK cold open. I felt something or someone was missing. Ah yes, Jeff Richards is the missing link. C

SINGING MONOLOGUE- Of course she had to have a song & dance number. Naturally she had to have gay dancing men. She should have had help here from Sean Hayes & Eric McCormack. Ive seen better monologues. F

CELEBRITY POKER- I loved this sketch. Seth as Carrot top was hilarious. Darrell always does a good Geraldo Rivera. Megan as Tammy Faye Baker was silly. A

HUGGIES THONG- commercial. What happened to a thing called new commercials? I guess they got wasted on the Super Bowl. F

GOOD MORNING- This was a cute sketch. Seth & Amy make a cute couple. Seth was cute acting all boyish. The tickle part reminded me of when my Mom liked to do the same thing. She probably wishes she could still do it. A

GOLDEN GLOBES- I loved Megan's facial expressions here. I felt the same way when I saw that speech. Its like hurry up already. A

OPRAHS FAVORITE THINGS- This was taped in dress for the LIVE show. Tina was in a sketch. I laughed when Amy's head popped off. C

TAXI EVERYONE- This was OK. Megan looked like she could really be a taxi driver. I don't think taxi drivers can just pick up one person & then another like that. F

CLAY AIKEN "INVISIBLE"- I was dancing in my seat on this song. I love this song. Gave me chill bumps in the studio. A

WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Rachel does a good Barbara Walters. I guess we wont see Barbara interviewing celebrities & getting them to cry anymore. I didn't care for Fred's character. Jimmy's American Idol was LIVE not taped. The jokes were good. C

WIZARD OF OZ- This was a strange sketch & out of place. What was the need for it? F

MARS ROVER- I tried to pay attention to this sketch but then I started getting a tickle in my throat & then WHAM cough fit. I started sweating of embarrassment thinking Oh No I hope they don't hear me. F

CLAY AIKEN "THE WAY"- I never heard this song before but it was nice and mellow. A

GRAMMY NIGHT- Amy looked really cute dressed like that. I didn't find this sketch funny though. F

AFTER SHOW THOUGHTS- Megan did an alright job. She could have used some of her W & G buddies for help. Clay sounded really good in the studio. I wonder what happened to Jeff Richards? I give this show a C-