Janet Jackson
April 10, 2004

By Jamie Klein

   PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I used to be obsessed with Janet Jackson. I still like her singing but not all of her music. She was in Good Times & other stuff. Should be a good show.

   CONDE PREP COLD OPEN- Janet did a good Condeleezza Rice. Sounded like her too. I loved the facial expressions. A

   JANET MONOLOGUE- I like the home video although when it showed Michael it didn't look like him. I thought it was funny when she was in the pool & her swimsuit came undone. B

   SAFARI PLANET- I wonder if Tracy will make a movie out of this sketch? The only thing I liked in this sketch was the poodle. I kept watching the poodle. As an animal lover I liked how Will petted the poodle. The poodle was really cute, just like Will. C

   JANET CONCERT- I like Finesse & I think he does an excellent job on SNL. Kenan too. I like how Finesse yelled in Chris' ear. I also thought it was funny when Kenan told Chris he is also afraid to approach people like them. A

   EASTER TREAT- Heather called this one out on Friday night. I'm glad she was right because I love it when they do this. Simon Cowell looked funny in the sweater. He looked like he was having fun. A

   JANET JACKSON "ALL NIGHT LONG [DONT STOP]- This was a good song. I loved the dancing. A

   WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Simon Cowell was cut as Tina's boyfriend who hates everything about her. Will Forte was cut doing a really good commentary on the hot dog eating contest against Bin Laden or as he put it, Osama Binjamin Laden. I wasn't too happy when this got cut because there was no need to have Kevin Eubanks. I loved the joke about Times Square and they celebrate now the tourist will stand in the way. C

   PRINCE SHOW- I liked this sketch. Now thanks to Fred, I think Prince is sexy. I really laughed when he was on the floor & he yelled. Fred really needs to become a regular player. B

   TUSCAN VINEYARD- This sketch was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing at the cork jokes & how they must massage the grapes. A sketch where Jimmy & Horatio actually don't crack up, even though if they did in this one it would still be funny. Best sketch of the night. A

   JANET JACKSON "STRAWBERRY BOUNCE- I thought it was neat how they made this look like a play. I love this song too. A

   GOOD TIMES- I laughed when the picture fell off the wall because in dress it didn't do that. Janet made a cute little girl. Writer J.B. Smoove was J. J. Walker the painter. TV show was better. C

   PARTY GAME - This was just as boring as the party until Chris went to the bathroom & came out to liven it up. Even then this sketch bombed. Worst sketch of the night. D

   AFTER SHOW THOUGHTS- Great show. Janet Jackson did better than I thought she would. It was great seeing Tracy & Chris again. Simon Cowell is really nice unlike he is on American Idol. Maybe I'll start watching that now if I can tolerate the talentless people. I give this show a B