Jack Black / John Mayer
October 4, 2003

By Ryan Lorenzo

Pre show thoughts: I love Jack Black. I don't like John Mayer. Jack Black has made what would be bad movies, like "Saving Silverman", into good movies. John Mayer is someone who my mom listens to. This should be a good episode. The new cast members are Kenan Thompson and Finesse Mitchell. I only know Kenan from "Good Burger." I have never heard of the other guy. Finally, Chris Kattan is gone. He was good in the 90's, but he didn't do anything in the 00's. I wish they would just cut down the cast. I think Parnell, Dratch, Hammond, Armisen, and Meyers need to go. Hammond was good, but he doesn't fit in. Besides, Richards is a good enough replacement. 

A Message from Arnold Schwarzenegger: F
Terrible. This could have been funny. They should have done like an Arnold Ad or something. I can't stand these stale political openings. Hammond's impression was terrible. I did not laugh once. 

Opening Montage: Pretty tight.

Monologue: B
Good enough. Jack Black is a funny guy. Sarcasm: Wow, we got to see Ferrell!! Wow! End of sarcasm. That's all fine and dandy. Why don't they put him in a sketch? What a waste. Expect Ferrell to host this season. It is virtually a lock.

Huggies Thongs: C
Eh. Quite average. I remember when the commercials were funny. The cookie dough Gatorade and the crying Jesus from the mid 90s were classics. 

Queer Eye for the Straight Gal: A
Very funny. Fey was funny. I wish I wrote down that line about carpets or something. I laughed out loud. I knew that they would have done a parody of this. I thought they would do a Straight Eye for the Queer Guy or something. Whatever. This was still funny.

The Wade Robeson Project: F
Stupid. I can't stand these lame sketches. Jack Black was pretty funny with the donkey kicks. I didn't laugh once. 

Italian Cooking Class: B
I laughed when Jack Black had his hair in the sauce. I laughed when Jack Black was playing with his hair with the spoon. The sketch was ok. I didn't laugh at the other people in this sketch. Jack Black is saving the show so far just like Jack Black saved Silverman if you know what I'm saying. 

TV Funhouse: Yankee Super-Heros: C
Funny. It wasn't great though. 
John Mayer
I don't like his music. 

Weekend Update: D
The news jokes were bad. I didn't laugh at any of the news stories. Finesse, buddy, ummm.your movie references are a tad outdated. How about writing new material. Kenan's Cosby impression was great. Dean on. I think I remember Jimmy doing a joke on Arnold. It was not funny. If I were doing the weekend update joke, I would have said:

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a formal apology to the media and public last week for some past mistakes. Arnold said that he was deeply sorry for the movie Collateral Damage. 

Note: You could have also used the movies: Jingle All The Way, Junior, Kindergarten Cop, The Sixth Day, and others.

Anyways, the jokes sucked. Finesse's material is outdated. 

Father, Son, & Shelley Long: C
I bet on paper this looked funny. 

John Mayer
I don't like his music.

Wine Critic: B
Hilarious. Then it got old. I did laugh though. 

Telemarketers Mourn: C
This sketch was ok. They could have done something funnier with this idea though. The whole, "what are you going to do at the dinner table when you want the phone to ring to avoid the awkward pause" idea was funny.

Overall: C

Jack Black was the star. Where was Jimmy Fallon? I am looking for him. I can't find him. Where was Will Forte? I am looking for him too. Where was Darrell Hammond after the opening? They should use Fallon for impressions. They should get rid of those players I mentioned above so that way we can see Forte or Fallon. I know a lot of people have given Jimmy a hard time, but he really is a funny guy. I don't mind the laughing at your own material that much really. It is far better than Parnell making a skit boring with his monotonous style. This season should be good. It is more lively at least