Jack Black / John Mayer
October 4, 2003

By Patrick Kennedy

About Me:
Fans of SNL, I am a new reviewer this year for
SNL. I am a 25 year old journalist from Tampa Bay,
Florida and an avid SNL fan. I am an intern for the
St. Petersburg Times, and I would like to use this as
practice for my writing career.

Pre Show:
Finally, the SNL season begins! Watching the show
many times over from last year scared the hell out of
me! God, I hope this year is better. Don't know much
about Jack Black, haven't seen his most recent movie,
and don't plan to. He seems like a funny guy, but I
have a gut feeling that he won't be a good SNL host.
Don't know much about John Mayer ethier, but I'm sure
he's all right. This show will surely miss Chris
Kattan and Tracy Morgan, but I've seen Finesse
Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, and they're both pretty
funny. I think that this year won't be that good, but
better than last year.

Opening, Californians for Schwartznegger:
I knew SNL was going to open with this. Unlike
most elections, this one started to heat up while SNL
was off for the summer, so they didn't get to make fun
of it for weeks. Anyway, this was lame and unfunny.
SNL had so much material to work with when doing this,
but pissed it away.
Verdict: D

Opening Credits, Set:
Nice change of theme, finally. I love the Grand
Central Station Background, and the credits were cool.
Verdict: A

Monolouge, Jack Black:
Where did this come from? What made him start
singing giberish? What made him go through the area
where the cast was, and start annoying them? This made
no sense, and sometimes that might be good, but it
wasn't, this was unfunny. The only thing that keeps
this from an F, is Will Ferrell. Who, in anything,
makes the grade higher, even if his role was dumb.
Verdict: D

Commercial, Huggies Thongs:
This made no sense whatsoever, but this made me
Verdict: B

Skit, Queer Eye for the Straight Gal:
It was an excellent idea for a sketch, sadly, the
jokes in the sketch were not funny and I wished a
commercial would come on after 20 minutes of crappy
Verdict: D

Skit, The Wade Robson Project:
This was actually, a pretty funny sketch, without
Seth Meyers! I thought he was fine last year, and
couldn't understand why everybody hated him, now I
know. Jack Black and Maya Rudolph fit their roles
perfectly and were funny. But god, Seth Meyers was
Verdict: C

Skit, Cooking Class:
I liked the class skit that Rachel Dratch and
Fred Armisen were in last year, and I'm glad their
characters returned. The way Armisen talks, makes me
laugh, and really carried this skit. It was one of the
better skits on the show.
Verdict: B

Cartoon, Yankee Super-heroes:
Let's get this clear, Rob Smigel is a genius. All
of his cartoons are great and this one was no
exception. I loved how Stienbrenner signed the monster
to a contract, and he ate the Oakland A's pitcher. I'm
glad that he ate that annoying Yankees announcer that
always says "Yankees win, dohhhhhhhhhh", that's pretty
annoying. Being from Tampa Bay (home of Goth Talk), I
know that the Devil Rays would never have a 42-6 lead,
and the final score, like 100-42, was more like it. It
was real funny when Stienbrenner said "You have a nice
young team Lou, how do you spell your centerfielder's
last name", Pinnella replies, "B-a-l.., oh crap"
seeing that he's on Stienbrenner list of players to
get that offseason. That is exactly what George would
do. This was classic.
Verdict: A +5 bonus points

Musical Performance, John Mayer, "Bigger Than My Body"

It was alright.
Verdict: C

Weekend Update:
Oh crap, Jimmy Fallon didn't leave during the
offseason. Looks like it will be another year of him
being unfunny and Tina Fey making up for him. I wish
she would be the lone anchor on Weekend Update next
year. Anyway, my thoughts were confirmed, as Jimmy
sucked, and Fey was funny. Also, I know the California
recall is humorous, but the Schwartznegger jokes are
getting really old. The Clark Bars-Nut-Rageous joke
was pretty good and the impression of Limbaugh was
hillarious. Finesse Mitchell and Kenan Thompson's
apperances were good. Overall this was a funny upadate
that could have been better if Jimmy Fallon was not on
Verdict: B

Skit, The Wheel Bar & Grill:
Now, to the stretch run of the show, A.K.A, the
crappiest part. It was no different tonight. The show
always fills the extra half hour with awful skits,
like this one. What the hell did Cheers have to do
with any of this? The only thing this had going for it
was the Abraham "Drinkin" line. I'll be generous.
Verdict: D

Musical Performance, John Mayer, "Clarity"
Again, alright.
Verdict: C

Skit, Wine Tasting:
God, if you love me, you will help me find the
Verdict: F (1 point)

Musical Skit, Telemarketers:
This actually wasn't too bad. Jack was pretty
funny and the song was good. A good end, to an
otherwise lame, night.
Verdict: C

The ending was cut out because the show's crappy
skits went too long.
-3 points

I wasn't too thrilled about the way this year
started. Jack Black clearly carried the episode which
was otherwise medicore. Hopefully, this was only the
cast getting used to the new season.

Grading Scale:
B-4 Weeekend Update is worth double the points
F-0,1 (depening on how bad it was)

Possible Points: 75
(not including bonus)

SNL Score: 49

Grade: 65.3% D