Jack Black / John Mayer
October 4, 2003

By Katie

This week I am so excited about the SNL !Premier episode!LOL, Okay to my review of Jack Black's episode        

A Message from Arnold- I think this is Darrell Hammond( my mom lied to me and said that he was gone from the cast, so we really just fought about who that was) I thought he did a great Arnold accent.His points were funny about what he was going to do but nothing on how hw was going to do it. 7/10

Cold Opening-Yet ANOTHER Musical number. I like it when the guest goes through the whole stage area just so I can get a feel for things.NOT This Jack! 7/10

Huggies Thong- What a good idea for a commercial.This was the funniest thing of the night so far.And then they played the Thong Song I was crackin up! 8/10

Queer Eye For The Straight Gal-I had an idea that they were going to do something with Queer Eye,and they did! I loved it when Tina said some lesbion comment and Amy got pissed! 7/10

Wade Robson-THIS IS THE BEST ONE OF THE NIGHT!! During commercial I saw the set and I thought Jimmy would play Wade, I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that Seth did. I am a fan of the Wade Robson show, I knew Wade's manorisums and how he says things, Seth had him down. Doin all the whoo badda ha.Wade does that all the time. Jack is a good dancer I thought. Finnesse did a really good job on Boogie to.He had him down pact to . Amy and Maya had me laughin soo hard! I LOVED THIS ONE! 10/10

Italian Cooking Class- I loved how Jack was doin the hair in the pot thing, I did get grossed out when Rachel was pullin he hair out of her mouth, YUCK! Anyways my favorite character on the show was Horatio.Scare off vampires with garlic, and his little lisp made this for me. 6/10

Yankee Heroes- One thing I hate baseball(sorry to all baseball loving people) and I just didnt like it 0/0

John Mayer-Totally hot! but I HATE HIS MUSIC! 5/10

WU- I was wondering, did Jimmy just sign a contract to do WU and that was it?Muts of offered him lots of cash!I was hopin that Will Forte would do Tim Calhoune.Too bad. Top Stories that I laughed at
:Jimmy's Arnold Accent
:Nut Rageous
:AOL Latino
:Crazy Bread
: Wanda Sykes segment
:Things Bush can't find
:Finnesse's movie critic segment! I like him alot!
:New Study
Over all not the best WU ever. 7/10

Dad, son, Shelley Long- I was on cheers! This one was the strange one of the night 4/10

John Mayer- Nice to look at but thats about it 5/10

Whine- It was okay. Poor Seth was drenched in Wine!Got better as it went on. 6/10

Telemarketers- It was okay laughed once or twice. 4/10

OVERALL: I wish I could've seen more of Will Forte! Maybe next week he will be in alot. I really like Finnesse, and I really dont like Kenan.Cast seems to have gotten better, overall score. 8

Can't wait till next week! I am crossing my fingers that they'll do Wakeup Wakefield because Justin Timberlake will be there something can happen with Megan!