Jack Black / John Mayer
October 4, 2003

By funnyboy

Grading system
1= good skit .5 = ok skit 0 = blaahhhhh

Arnold Opening - I thought this captured the essence of Arnold perfectly.
Although everyone knew this skit was gonna happen, it still needed to be
done. The make up is wretched, and I actually thought Jimmy's impression on
Update sounded more accurate. But it was good none the less. 1

Opening Credits - Is it me, or did anyone else think the style looks
eeexactly like the the Corn Chips Nail Tips commercial? Heh. The spastic
style isn't much of a change from last time, but still cool. I'm jealous to
already see Finesse in a limo with hot girls all over him. Although I
thought the part of his bio on nbc.com was a typo, I guess not! Forte is a
full cast member! Poor Fred was left behind, but oh well. Sandler, Spade,
and Meadows had to sit through seeing Schnieder, Farley, Rock, and Sweeney
promoted before them too.

Monologue - Nothing like a good ol song and dance monologue starring the
host and cast to start off the season. Kenan obviously lost a lot of
weight. He usd to be he hu-uge before. The Will Ferrell cameo was awesome.
Horatio's scatting was just plain goofy, but great. Entertaining stuff.

Huggies Thongs - *hardest I laughed all night award* Ahhhh this bit was
genius. Such a great idea. I commend who ever wrote this piece. 1

Queer Eye - The most obvious parody in the world, but still provided some
really good laughs. The female cast displayed great talent. I really liked
Amy in the opening credits part. Solid piece. 1

Wade Robinson Project - The physical comedic talent shown was fantastic.
The moves of Maya and Amy were hilarious, especially when Amy had the baby
and through it away. Jack Black's donkey kicks were insane. I thought Seth
did a great job. A goo goo gee gee a gah gah gah! Grade A physical comedy.

Cooking Class - the skit survives without the he-she jokes! Nice to see
Parnell possibly get another recurring character. Fred is always the star
of this sketch, without a doubt. Horatio's character was pretty funny too.
Good silly skit. 1

Yankees - this was just ppplain messed up, but I somehow still thought it to
be funny. I'd like to see Smigel do a better satire next time instead of
just plain weirdness. 1

WU - The jokes were pretty good! I can't believe this is the 4th season of
Fallon and Fey. Few Updaters have made it to the 4th season. Only Norm,
Jane Curtin, and Dennis Miller. And Norm didn't even get to stay the whole
year. Jeff's impression was well impressive! Har! Finesse Mitchel's
commentary was very good, but I felt like I was watching BET. I was also
disappointed because I've seen that bit before on Kilbourne, but I guess if
you wanna make it into the first episode, you gotta start off with something
that you know is good. I didn't see the Emmy's, so could someone tell me if
the whole Cosby thing was based on a real event? Even if it wasn't, the
Cosby impression was AMAZING. He had the voice deeead on. Kudos to Kenan.
Maya's Sykes seemed too much like her Glenda Goodwin, but hey it happens. 1

Singer at the Bar - Ummm....this was alright. A few good funny moments, but
this skit didn't leave me in stitches or anything. Nothing that impressive.
Abe drinkin'! .5

Wine Critic - A one joke piece. I still liked it though. I guess cause I
was in a good mood from it being the premiere and all. 1

Telemarketer - This didn't necessarily leave me in stitches, but you can
tell lots of creativity was put into the making of it, so you have to give
credit there. I liked Forte's line about cocaine. Only Black could pull
this off. 1

Overall: Pretty good ep! Looking back, a lot of the sketches that I gave
full credit too aren't the most memorable pieces in the world, but somehow I
still liked them. Pretty solid work done for the premiere. I had a great
time watching. Something feels different about the show this year. I got
that same feeling in 2000. It's that feeling that the new season is going
to be something very different from the previous. In 2000, Oteri, Meadows,
and Colin were gone. Update was revamped. Expensive looking opening
credits. Now this season evokes that same feeling that the show has
changed. New set, new opening credits. Two new cast members. Forte,
Richards, and Meyers all being full fledged cast members now. The lack of
Tracy and Kattan.

Grading - 10.5/11
Solid show.