Jack Black / John Mayer
October 4, 2003

By David

here i go with my first SNL review EVER. I think i'll try and go by memory,
i may forget things.

AHNOLD and things such as this: Hammond is the MAN. I never noticed that
Ahnold speaks that way, but that is the best part of SNL when they point out
hte little stuff. excellent. A

OPENING CREDITS: Seth, Jeff Richards and Will Forte were promoted. Well
deserved, especially my man Seth. Sorry Fred, but your time will come.
with Jimmy Fallon? He does NOT look happy. Maya and Amy look HOT. Music is

MONOLOG: JB (Jack Black to you people) rocked. KG made a cameo, but
a song from the D? I LOVE WILL FERRELL. Tina's water bottle explosion was a
highlite. A

QUEER EYE: Sorry, but I'm sick of that show. this idea was waaaaaaaaaaaaay
too obvious. D

WADE ROBESON PROJECT. When I saw that stupid show on mtv I thought "Seth has
got to play that guy'. JB and Amy dance were the highlites. B

TV FUNHOUSE: Can you say jumped the shark? Come on Smigel. This used to be
the highlite. C

WEEKEND UPDATE: Good jokes. Rush Limbagh was ok. Finess was pretty funny,
but that has GOT to be a stand up routine. Is this Def Comedy Jamm? KEENAN
RULES. That Cosby thing may be the highlite. of the whole show. Jimmy
Fallon STILL looks like he's mad at somebody. I bet Lorne cut Jarets Room. A

WINE TASTER: Hilarious. I LOVE that physical stuff. SETH SETH SETH SETH! A.

FATHER AND SON AND SHELLY LONG: I am defintely going to be Abraham Drinkin
Halloween. Amy was the highlite. "I was on Cheers!' B+


I bet I forgot something, but that's not my fault.

later, David