Jack Black / John Mayer
October 4, 2003

By BobDoleLikesPeanutButter

Coming into this show, all I knew of was the new set built to be like Grand Central Station, Kenan Thompson and Finesse Mitchell new featured members of SNL, and new opening credits and theme. At first I thought Finesse Mitchell was a girl. Then, it turned out he wasn't. This episode also proved that featured players coming into the show don't always stay featured players for two years. Will Forte was made regular cast member, which I didn't know of. Fred Armisen stayed where he was, though. Plus, IU didn't know if Darrell Hammond was still a cast member or not. He was still there, surprisingly. This is my review:

A Message from Arnold Schwartzenegger- I thought this was okay, but Darrell's done better Arnold. This sketch gets a B-.

Opening Theme/Monologue- Great theme song and opening credits. This revealed that Will Forte, Jeff Richards, and Seth Meyers were promoted and that SNL doesn't have a 2-year system for featured players. This also showed that Finesse Mitchell wasn't a girl after all, and showed that Kenan Thompson has lost much weight indeed. Great to see him, I loved him on All That. As for the Monologue, this is the only funny dancing routine Jack Black's ever done. It was also funny to see a cameo by Will Ferrell. They should have done a Celebrity Jeopardy with Kenan playing Bill Cosby, which he does later on, Darrell Hammond playing Sean Connery, and Jimmy Fallon playing a new impression. Anyway, the Monologue and Opening Theme was good, and I give it an A-.

Huggies Thongs- What a weird and awkward sketch, and I could leave it or take it. I thought it was okay, and I give it a C.

Queer Eye for the Straight Gal- "Kill this sketch" is what I thought during this one. F.

The Wade Robson Project- At last, rappers get made fun of on SNL. Finesse Mitchell's character represents how many black people act. I liked it. Jack Black's Sparkle character was funny, and that T-Shirt "Jesus is My Homeboy" killed me! I give it a B-, even though it was what I was waiting for.

Italian Cooking Class- Take it or leave it. The Fred Armisen character was pretty much the highlight of this one. D.

TV Funhouse- Yankee Superheroes- Man, the magic has been gone from TV Funhouse and will never come back, but that crack about Mariah Carey's scream was hilarious. C.

John Mayer- Don't care about musical guests, they're all crap now.

Weekend Update- Man, another year of this crap. How much longer can this go on?! This had better be the last year of this madness, for they only preserve the memory of Colin Quinn, the worst of the bunch. When did the magic of Norm die away? He is King of W.U. I watched it to see what other stuff was there, and I got to see Kenan's first recurring character, Bill Cosby. He does a good Bill Cosby. Otherwise, nothing is great about this one. However, I liked the crack about what Bush Can't Find. D-.

Father, Son, and Shelley Long- Hmm...no comment...D.

John Mayer- Like I said, don't care, it's crap now.

Wine Critic- Funny the first time I saw it, but it got old after a while. C.

Telemarketers Mourn- I thought this one was pretty good. However, it could have been better. C-.

This whole episode gets a 7/10. Great to see Kenan, but I feel another bad season like last year is afoot.

And that's the way it is! Good night!