Halle Berry / Britney Spears
October 18, 2003

By Shootnstarinajar

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I hin Halle Berry is a good actress. Let's see how she handles live comedy. I am not a fan of Britney Spears.

KOBE & VANESSA COLD OPEN- Is this case as publicized as it is here in Colorado? I am getting sick of it! The victim use to go to my school. I don't know who she is though. It is nice to see Finesse. Maya is funny. I wonder if it is really like that off camera. So funny!

MONOLOGUE- Uh, Britney can't act! Nice to see Lorne. Jimmy pushing Tina out of the way was funny. Jimmy and Lorne together are funny. I really liked them in the Al Gore opening last year. I am so glad they didn't kiss.

GAYSTROGEN- commercial- Fred and Chris kiss, whoa. I don't think Finesse can pull off the gay thing. Was funny.

DON ZIMMER TALK SHOW- Horatio looks funny as Don. Good to see Darrell in a skit. Horatio getting thrown down was funny. Pretty good.

VERSACE HALLOWEEN- This is one of Maya's strong characters. Halle going through the wall was funny because I didn't expect it. Horatio's Elton John was a surprise as well. I really liked this one. One of the best so far!

TELE-LINK- commercial- what? Must be a time filler...

QUICK ONES- So cheesy!

KELLY RIPA/OUTCAST- I don't like Kelly. She can be annoying. Maybe a Regis and Kelly skit but who would be Gellman? Outcast is unique and I like their new songs.

JAPANESE RESTAURANT- Finesse as a girl is so funny! It is like his WU segment. Halle and Maya were pretty good as well. Was ok.

SUNDAY DELIVERY- commercial- I hate that magazine! Space filler?

BRITNEY SPEARS "ME AGAINST THE MUSIC"- poor audience with the smoke. She is so lipsyncing! She never sings! Uh, and she is making money off of this!

WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Fred and his comedians. Ferecito is better. When I first saw Horatio I thought it was a rip off of "Da Bears" guys. But then one of the originals surprised us! So exciting to see him! Chug-a-lug guys! Poor Jimmy getting smooshed. Cubs thing started off shaky but ended funny. Jimmy had better jokes than Tina.

SPECIAL OFFER- I love the 80s! Featured players as girls, haha! The only good thing Seth does is Whoa, but it is getting annoying. Amy and Rachel looked funny. Halle did good. ok skit. The Klymaxx group was the best.

BROKAW PHONE MESSAGE- Chris does a good Brokaw. Chris is scary mad! ok, not the best

BEST OF TRACY MORGAN- yay! I was waiting for one. Glad they are doing it. The only one they didn't do was Ana...

BRITNEY SPEARS "EVERYTIME"- No, unfortunalely they perform twice.

ASHFORD & SIMPSON- Finesse and Kenan again. Props to Halle for humping Kenan. But I thought it was stupid.

SPEED READER- Scary and weird! Glad it was at the end of the show.

AFTER-SHOW THOUGHTS- It was about what I thought it would be. Halle did good in her roles. She didn't have too many big comedy parts. Overall, ok show.
HIGHLIGHTS: Cold Opening, Versace, Chicago part of WU

That's it! ~B