Halle Berry / Britney Spears
October 18, 2003

By funnyboy88

The system:
1= good .5 = ehhhh 0 = bad to the bone

Kobe: Pretty good. Maya looked mighty fine. The best line was obviously
"And I hate going to my husband's rape trial." It deserved all the
applause. Good stuff. 1

Monologue - I enjoyed this. Nice to to see Lorne make his first appearance
of the season. 1

Gaystrogen - This was hilarious. I loved the animation part showing the
model dancing after taking the pill. The kiss wasn't that shocking, but
funny none the less. Parnell's gay guy was great. 1

Don Zimmer - Ok, this was kind of average. Some funny parts, but I really
didn't laugh out loud at all. Ehhhh, I would never feel like watching this
skit a 2nd time. Darrell's Costas sounded too much like Regis sometimes, and
visually, he looked nothing like him. .5

Versace - Poo poo. This started out just ok, but the whole Niomi Cambell
(spelling??) part bombed terribly, and the rest of the skit was pretty weak
too, however, Horatio's Elton was good. But overall, pretty lame sketch.

Telelink - GENIUS. Great great great. Now this is what I am talking about.
I applaud the writer of this. 1

Quick Ones - The idea wasn't that creative. Orgasm in a pill? I feel like
I've heard of the idea before. Oh yeah, was I the only one who thought this
was going to be a Richard the Copy Guy skit right when it started?
Employees going to the copy machine...I was expecting Rob Schnieder any
second. I don't know, besides the uncleverness of the idea, for some reason
it was still good. 1

Starkeesha eats Japanese - What the hell? We saw a lot of these jokes two
weeks ago. This skit was just bad. Bad bad. Every joke just seemed really
weak. The ONLY good parts were Armisen, and Parnell telling Kenan to get
his friends to be quiet. Everything else was just terrible. Yikes. If
they bring back this character, we are in trouble. 0

National Inquirer - Wow, another commercial. They must be really dry on
skit material. Pretty funny though. 1

Update - The jokes were once again good. I was laughing my ass off at the
Chinese space launch joke. Tina again had a couple weak ones, but overall
great none the less. BILLY FISHER IS AWESOME. Fred is a genius. Very good
stuff. I do find it odd that two of his characters are fake stand up
comedians. I really hope to see this brought back. Now....for the
Superfans. Good lord. When Horatio wheeled out, I started yelling, "No!" at
the tv screen. How they could disgrace such a classic old character is
beyond me. It was VERY disrespectful to Mike Myers, Farley, and Smigel.
Seeing Horatio do his lame impression of a once great bit really sucked.
Really sucked. It was great to see Wendt come out, however, WHY DIDN'T THEY
participation was totally uncalled for and lame lame lame. I'm giving this
otherwise great Update a .5. Thanks Horatio.

Klimax - Oh god. I watched this skit in utter silence. The visuals are
fantastic, the acting is great, but just plain poor material. You'd have to
pay me to watch this again. 0

Brokaw - And it gets worse. I feel sorry for Parnell. Well, if he wrote
this, then I don't feel sorry for him. What a dumb idea. How they let this
air is beyond me. Me watching: "Ok, Brokaw records a message for an
answering machine, that's cute. Ok, now I am waiting for the funny twist.
And I am still waiting. Ok it never came." 0

Ashford and Simpson - Yikes. Good impressions and acting by Kenan and Maya,
but there was nothing here. I watched this in torute, desperately wanting
to fast forward. This is what my friend said about this: "Hahaha funny...IF

Speed Reader - *sigh of relief* Forte is brought to end the show on a high
note. Good stuff. Best line of the skit: "Poor Jesus." 1

Overall - Wow, what a terrible show. I predicted it to be anyway. Its the
3rd week of needing new material after 2 wonderul episodes. Several times
during the viewing was I grasping my pillows in agony for how lame some of
the jokes were. It makes you wonder what stuff they cut from the show that
could be possibly worse. Kobe and Speed Reader were the only skits that I
gave full credit to, along with the fake commercials, which were all solid.
But everything else....OUCH. Finesse got great air time tonight.
Unfortunately, his starring moment in that Japanese Restaurant skit was
absolutely gut wrenching. Him and Kenan have been getting pretty good air
treatment. Makes you wonder why it was so hard for Dean to do anything.
The writer who thought Horatio should do the Bears character should be shot.
The writer of the Brokaw skit needs a lesson on skit plots, and how there
has to be one. The amount of commercials was obviously due to the fact that
they were lacking sketches to put in. You could really tell they were
grasping for material.

Score - 8.5/14
That's a 61%

Here's to Kelly Ripa!