Drew Barrymore / Kelis
February 14, 2004

By Jamie Klein


PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I love Drew Barrymore & have ever since she was in ET. Kelis I don't know too much about except she thinks her milkshake is better than yours.

GORE/KERRY COLD OPEN- Did I miss something or did Gore really support Kerry & I didn't know it? I didn't find this funny. F

DREW & FRIENDS MONOLOGUE- YAY. ET came back to help Drew out. I didn't see a point to CP30, lady from Poltergeist or Darth Vader being there. If she really wanted to have some friends support she should of had Adam Sandler & Rob Schneider cameo. They were there. Since ET was there I will give this sketch a D

VERSACE-VALENTINES DAY- This wasn't as funny as the Christmas one. I loved Horatio's Elton John & Drew as Courtney Love. Notice her guy models were wearing shoes this time? C

JARRETS ROOM- Its about time we see a Jarrets Room. I thought it was funny when Seth did Outkast. Seth looks good without a shirt. Missed Jeff Richards. C

CHARLIZE THERON- I wont be surprised if they show this sketch on Access Hollywood since Pat O'Brien thinks he's God. Drew did a good Charlize. I hope Charlize hosts in March. A

OCTANE- commercial. This was cut last week. I thought it was funny seeing those motorcycles as little toys. Otherwise I didn't like this sketch. D

KELIS "MILKSHAKE"- I love the beat to this song. I don't care if her milkshake is better than mine. If you didn't get the song by now, she's telling people its OK to have sex at a young age. Because of the good rhythm & beat this song gets a B

WU WITH FALLON/FEY- Will Forte was cut talking about Black History Month. Seth Meyers & Amy Poehler were cut. WU was a little on the short side. Maya Rudolph doing Diana Ross was great. I loved how they had Finesse walking back & forth with a mean look on his face. C

YOUNG GUNS- This was cute. Will does an OK Bush. He does it better than Darrell. I didn't like how they had Hillary dating Kerry instead of Clinton. C

LARRY KING LIVE- I hate to admit this but Norm MacDonald did a better Larry King. Drew did a good Anna Nicole Smith. They could have made her to sound really dumb. C

SPY GLASS- The jokes were great here. In dress they had Drew on a moped three times saying different things. Not Pat O'Brien again. Too obsessed with his mustache & being nasally. C

INVISIBLE MIC- This too was cut last week. Should have been cut this week too. Not funny. Scott Wainio is a writer for SNL. F

CRIME FIGHTERS- I thought this was really good. Jimmy & Drew did a good White Stripes. Drew did a dead on impression of Meg on drums. A

KELIS "TRICK ME"- I didn't like this song. No beat to it. F

PRINCE SHOW- WOW. Fred looked sexy here. He does a good Prince. Fred should do Prince more often. Maya didn't do a bad Beyonce either. Drew did a good Pink. Kenan Thompson looks good with his hair that way. A

AFTER SHOW THOUGHTS- Drew did a good job. Kelis was alright. We could of used some cameos by Adam Sandler & Rob Schneider. I give this show a C-