Alec Baldwin / Missy Elliot
November 15, 2003


OPENING: Pres. Bush has the Iraqi Constitution
- Not a good Bush impersonation by D. Hammond, why not use Parnell? Parnell's Bush is better. I thought the concept, the new constitution is the same as when saddam was dictator, was stupid. I didn't like this.

MONOLOGUE: Alec Baldwin
-Side note: I like the new opening sequence. Horatio and Jimmy were good in this skit. I also liked Mike Meyers. Baldwin had done 10 previous monologues, so it is hard to come up with new ideas.

COMMERCIAL 1: Huggies Thongs
-This was a repeat. They didn't have time to film anything new? I didn't like it the first time I saw, and I still don't.

SKETCH 1: Plastic Surgeon
-This was a short sketch that was fairly entertaining. The computer imaging and the beach ball were funny. Stupid ending though.

SKETCH 2: Scientists who "zing" and "burn"
-This reminded me of the brothers who always crack cheesey jokes played by Parnell and Fallon. I wish they would have given Baldwin more material, he was much funnier then S. Meyers.

NEXT LIVE EPISODE: Al Sharpton and Pink
-Al Sharpton, are you kidding me???

SKETCH 3: The Tony Bennet Show
-Baldwin looks a lot like him. Horatio was fine but underused.

COMMERCIAL 2: Gaystrogen
-Another repeat, what's the deal?

SKETCH 4: The Falconer
-First of all, the falconer used to work in Baltimore, my hometown. Falcon snorting cocaine=hilarity

MUSIC: Missy Elliot
-Not a fan

WEEKEND UPDATE: Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey with Will Forte
-Best part of the show. Jimmy was good as always, and Forte's review was funny, yet very disturbing at the end. The Demi Moore joke-too funny.

SKETCH 5: Prince Charles Scandal
-"Pitch a tent on the isle of man"

SKETCH 6: Keen Corp
-Not good, not good at all.

MUSIC 2: Missy Elliot
-I changed the channel

SKETCH 7: Return of Sigfried and Roy
-Very average

SKETCH 8: Bad Filmakers
-Dratch was good as the grandfather, but overall the skect was average

Highlight-Weekend Update