Alec Baldwin / Missy Elliot
November 15, 2003

By Link

Hey you guys. Nothing new in the world of sports (at least in my eyes), but I just saw Master and Commander and I recommend it, even if you don't like nautical movies. I won't say anything except that Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany did great jobs and the ending was very surprising.

Pre-Show Review:
I'm a fan of Alec Baldwin's work and he has been one of the best hosts SNL has ever had (11 times is proof enough). I'm sure everyone is praying for an Ana Gasteyer and/or Molly Shannon cameo so they could do NPR sketch with Pete Schwetty and his Balls. Aside from that, I don't know what to expect but I'll probably enjoy it anyway. And like I said before, I'm not a fan of rap but Missy Elliot has my respect and I'll probably end up watching her performances.

COLD OPENING: Address From President Bush (Members Involved: Darrell)
You know, I'm not going to repeat my thoughts on this impression. Just bring Parnell back to do it.

MONOLOGUE: (Members Involved: Alec, Horatio, Jimmy, Mike Myers)
After acknowledging the band (which I think is sweet and every host should do), it goes downhill. Jimmy and Horatio's characters remind me of the Gary's Fish Tank repairmen in the Jeff Gordon episode, which I totally hated. These guys were less annoying but they still brought the monologue way down. The only person who saved this was Mike Myers and that was a real surprise. I didn't even know Baldwin was going to be in the Cat in the Hat. I guess you learn new things everyday.

Commercial: Huggies Thong (Members Involved: Maya, Rachel)
Look at my Jack Black review located in my Justin Timberlake review (I didn't do the former when it premiered).

Sketch 1: Dr. Frank Landsman (Members Involved: Alec, Amy)
The same kind of sketch with breast references but I'm surprised Amy allowed Alec to grope her on national TV. The sketch kinda lagged but Alec made the jokes somewhat funny so I'll give him that. And was he talking to his son at the end or someone else? That was a weird ending.

Sketch 2: The Burner vs. The Stinger (Members Involved: Chris, Seth, Maya, Alec) 
I thought the whole sketch would revolve around Seth making pathetic "zingers" but Alec came in and saved the day. I liked the whole standoff thing but Alec should've won since his burns were a lot better than Seth's zings *realizes that she shouldn't take this so seriously* I really need to work on this in the future --;

Sketch 3: The Tony Bennett Show (Members Involved: Alec, Horatio, Fred)
I don't believe I was a fan of SNL when Alec first did this (probably because I had to go to sleep a lot earlier), but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was good. There was no point for Horatio to be in and Fred's character once again reminded me of Gabe Fisher. How could someone chop up a neighbor by accident? That's just messed up. The best parts though were Tony promoting maxi pads and saying he did it with a wax Angie Dickinson. This was one of the few solid sketches of the night.

Commercial: Gaystrogen (Members Involved: Chris, Fred)
The first time I saw this, I didn't see Chris and Fred kiss so that left me disappointed. This time though, I saw it and it was weird but genuine in their character style so I gave it a higher grade (if this doesn't make any sense, I'm sorry. Odd stuff goes on in my mind all the time).

Sketch 4: The Falconer (Members Involved: Will, Alec, Kenan, Fred)
You know, at least getting caught in your own trap is more probable than getting stuck in quicksand in the woods. How long could someone live upside down though? All that blood rushing into your head must not be good. Anyway, it's like the normal Falconer but this time, we get to see him snort crack. Not too thrilling but at least it's something. To mix the sketch up a bit, I want Ken Mortimer to rediscover society and after he finds out what Donald has done while he's faced death multiple times, kill the little bastard once and for all. Maybe not though, since they would face a barrage of animal rights activists. I dunno know, this sketch is starting to wear thin but it's still ok.

Musical Guest: Missy Elliot

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey (Members Involved: Jimmy, Tina, Will, Fred)
- hmm, it seems Tina does a better Bush impression than Darrell as well. This should tell Lorne something
- Love the gray content joke with Wynona Judd
- Ok, that bit with Will was disgusting but hilarious at the same time. I closed my eyes a bit but really turned away when Fred was sitting next to him in bed. Fortunately, my dad assured me that nothing went on after that. Now, after I went to bed, I pondered whether Ferrell would actually do that just to get a laugh. I'm pretty sure he would but Forte is starting to move up towards Ferrell's level of perverted/disgustingness (which really isn't a bad thing)
- The Christian Slater bit was ok but sort of bland
- That joke about Rosie was cruel but terribly funny. She shouldn't have been standing next to that woman

Miscellaneous Note: That in-between picture of Alec (the pictures where the host does different poses. Don't know the exact name of it though) that makes him look like a 1950's sitcom makes him look really handsome. Sorry, just a note from a female fan.

Sketch 5: C-SPAN Report (Members Involved: Alec, Amy, Horatio, Seth, Red, Maya)
Ah, another sexual reference sketch (well, not really). This one was a lot better though since the British have a knack for twisting disgusting things around into decent words. Surprised to see Fred do a decent British accent and not surprised that Horatio can't.

Sketch 6: Keen Corporation Meeting (People Involved: Seth, Jeff, Kenan, Amy, Alec, Rachel, Finesse)
This was a rather pointless sketch but I liked the facial expressions from all the members sitting down.

Musical Guest: Missy Elliot

Sketch 7: Roy Returns (Members Involved: Alec, Jeff, Amy)
I wouldn't say this was distasteful since Roy is still in critical condition but maybe they could've saved it for when he got out of the hospital. A boring sketch but it's interesting to note that Jeff's Siegfried sounds a bit like his Willy Wonka impression.

Sketch 8: Scheinwald Studios (Members Involved: Seth, Fred, Alec, Rachel)
I thought this would turn into a stupid sketch because they were focusing on the father a lot but it got better when the grandfather came in, always well played by Rachel. I love the whole family embarrassment thing and how the older ones are so senile. Not hard to believe that they passed up The Matrix and Lord of the Rings. One thing to note though is that for the first time ever (I believe), Fred has broken up during a sketch. Granted, it was a slight smile but a smile nevertheless. Good ending sketch.


OVERALL GRADE: B. This was an on/off night and I can't say for sure whether it was more on or off. Alec did a great job (as always) but the sketches really lacked. I think they need to bring back a few recurring sketches, like Jarret's Room or Wake Up Wakefield because most of the original sketches this season have tanked. Luckily though, the writers are going to take a 2 week break so hopefully this will clear their minds up a bit.

Best of the Night: Will, Alec and Fred. Will is starting to become the driving force of the show with Fred just behind him. As for Alec, he tried his hardest and for the most part, it paid off pretty well.

Worst of the Night: Not enough Jimmy, Kenan, Maya, Chris, Jeff and of course Darrell. They really need to get rid of a few people by the end of the year or else this will continue on forever.

December 6th: Reverend Al Sharpton with Pink as the musical guest. I'm not pleased with these choices and I can only pray and hope that the show will be somewhat decent.

Well, that's it for now. I'll cya guys in 3 weeks.