Alec Baldwin / Missy Elliot
November 15, 2003

By kete_92

Hi I'm kete_92 this is my first review of Saturday Night Live so bear with me.

Cold Opening
Darrell Hammond did a good job of delivering jokes but lets be honest he shouldn't be George W. Bush. He should do Cheney, Rumsfeld, or Ashcroft. The skit was pretty good but I couldn't get past the fact that Darrell Hammond does Bush with a southern accent. The writing was excellent for this skit. 8/10

Interaction with annoying band members and a camera man. Finally a skit where they can let Horatio Sanz Jimmy Fallon laugh without ruining the skit for everyone involved.   Alec Baldwin has been great host over years and I expect a great performance from him. Mike Myers was a legend on SNL so its great to see him. A few laughs in the skit nothing special 7/10

They did the Huggies Thong commercial the Jack Black episode. I guess it would have been to expensive to do a new commercial this week. It was ok the second time watching but not spectacular. 6/10

Breast Implants

If I'm not mistaken this seems like a skit Tina Fey would write.  If she did I would applaud because this skit was well written. A doctor recommending colossal breast implants to a female looking to upgrade her breast. Decent performance from Alec Baldwin was ok but not special, and Amy Poehler was her usual funny self. 8/10

Science Skit

Is just me or is Chris Parnell useless I mean does he have to be the serious guy in every skit. I can't think of too many skits this season where I've said he's been funny.Scientist doing research, Seth Meyers was back to his funny self in this skit this is the Seth Meyers I remember from last season he was original and had some great one liners. Alec Baldwin complemented him very well, using Maya Rudolph for this skit was pointless because her role was so minor. 8/10

Tony Bennett Show
This was subpar for Horatio Sanz and Alec Baldwin.Tony Bennett hosting his own show with his comedy sidekick, and his psychopathic guest. The only bright spot in this skit was Fred Armisen, who gave a good performance. I must admit Fred Armisen and Rachel Dratch are awesome at playing freaks. But in the end Fred Armisen couldn't save this skit. 4/10

The Gaystrogen commercial, this has to be the commercial they've made this season great performances from Fred Armisen, Finesse Mitchell, and Chris Parnell. I've been hard on Chris Parnell but he was funny in this skit. 9/10

I wasn't expecting to see this skit tonight The Falcon goes to a casino for a night of gambling drugs and sex. Great performance from Will Forte he's going to be great for a long time. Alec Baldwin was funny in this skit as well, and of course the Falcon is hillarious as always. 8/10

Weekend Update
The jokes were great Jimmy and Tina were on their game tonight. Then Will Forte shows this disgusting Sex Tape. I'm really disappointed because I'm a Will Forte fan but that was horrible but overall this was a good Weekend Update. 7/10

This was the best skit of the night investigating the accusation that Prince Charles is gay I love it. This skit had great writing, awesome execution from Amy, Seth, and Horatio. The one liners in this skit were awesome. 9/10

Keen Corporation Love Affair
This skit was subpar the a night of passion between too co-workers makes working together unbearable , Amy Poehler and Alec Baldwin gave a good effort. Seth Meyers was decent in this skit, and finally we see Finesse and Kenan in a skit but no words. They should have just gave them the night off then have them in skit just to have them in a skit. 6/10

Siegfried and Roy
First off I can't understand why they would make fun of Roy the guy almost got killed by at tiger so I can't see the humor in this kind of skit. Roy apparently comes back from being mauled by the tiger to prove that it was a fluked but he is attacked again by the tiger. Finally he gives up on the tiger and does his trick with a turtle only to be bitten.
Ok performance from Jeff Richards, and Alec Baldwin. 3/10

Fred Armisen is trying to get his film made by this great filmaking company. But the owners of the company are nutjobs (Rachel Dratch, Alec Baldwin) accept for Seth Meyers. What a way to end this was a great skit, with great performances from Rachel, Seth, Alec, and Fred. 8/10

91 out of 130 = 70% C
Final Thoughts
This was a good show it flowed great, Alec Baldwin was terrific and the writing was great.
Amy Poehler was featured in alot of skits tonight.

My MVP award goes to Seth Meyers. Seth was awesome tonight he was on tonight and he showed everybody why he was upgraded to full castmember this season.

I hoped you guys liked my review until next time kete_92