Jennifer Aniston / Black Eyed Peas
January 10, 2004

By Miller

Hey everyone, this is my third consecutive review... but I'll bet none of you knew that for two reasons. One- Ive used a different name each time (my bad), but more important, Sean hasnt updated his site... but in either case, lets look at the season standings (although I only reviewed two shows, I went back and tallied a score for all of the ones I didnt review)
Andy Roddick- 37 (because they had a lot mroe skits than usual)
Alec Baldwin- 36
Al Sharpton- 35
Jack Black- 34
Elijah Wood- 34
Justin Timberlake- 33
Halle Berry- 32
Kelly Ripa- 23 (this show did blow this badly)
Anyways.. its come to my attention that the two shows this season with female hosts have both sucked majorly. Could tonight be three for three? lets find out...
Ratings... 5_couldnt be better, 4_great, 3_not bad, 2_kinda boring, 1_horrid

Cold Opening- This featured two very accurate impressions, but it wasn't very funny. So I cant give this higher than a 2. Rating_2

Monologue- I love it when stars make fun of their self or the shows theyre on. So this gets some bonus points. Rating_3

Annoying photographers- sorry, couldnt think of a better title for this one. Anyways, for the second time tonight Aniston makes fun of herself, so that gives this a bonus point. rating_2

Next week- NO NO NO NO NO!!!! not looking forward to this at all!!!

Britney Spears' marriage- This was probably one of the better skits of the night. Jennifers Britney impression wasnt even close to beign accurate, but I noticed something strange. The guys name that Britney married is Jason Alexander (like George from Seinfeld) and in this skit, she dumps him cuz he burped (supposedly)... on the show Seinfeld, they always get dumped for really retarded reasons... so this was llike.. nevermind im rambling. Rating_4

Gaystrogen- what is this, the 3rd? 4th? time theyve used this so far this season. come on guys, this is ridiculous. Rating_1

Politicians- Kind of funny, but most of the impressions were very accurate so this gets a rating_3

Musical Guest- my god, I HATE rap music... o look next week we have G-unit... SNLs already had Outkast and Missy Elliot... come on SNL get some better music on the show! no more CRAP err I mean rap.

Weekend Update- Very very funny. Al Frankens always good for a laugh... hey I noticed far, every single show this season has featured a cameo, except for Halle Berry... which is cool cuz cameos rule... the full moon joke was really good.. actually all of update was good. Rating_4

Osama and Saddam- I know mosto f you dont like it when Jimmy and Horatio do skits together... but these are just hysterical... poking some well deserved fun at those two freaks, it doesnt get much better than this. Rating_4 (i was tempted to give a 5 for once...)

Country roses- pretty lame. rating_2

TVN- this was the worst thing on SNL since t he most recent Versace skit... for those of you who actually read my reviews, you'll know I despise all of Maya's characters and would be ecstatic if she left the show... rating_1

Appalachian ER- When SNL does redneck humour... it succeeds. If anyones seen the movie Blue Collar Comedy Tour, you know that rednecks are the funniest people on the planet. Rating_4

Sex chat- Will Forte, my favorite SNLer this season, once again plays a creepy role very successfully... this was actually a really good skit considering it was the last of the night. Rating_3.

Grand total- 31... that puts it second to last... so yeh, the chicks are three for three at sucking when hosting... maybe Jessica Simpson can break that next week. Until then, take care evryone.