Jennifer Aniston / Black Eyed Peas
January 10, 2004

By Comma

Donald Trump

Great stuff here. I say that because it's basically an improvement of what Darrell has been doing all season. Also, Jimmy as Zucker made it a little better.


I think the monologue would've been better had they had the cast come out to sing the theme song for Friends. Or better yet, the theme song to Cheers.


Jimmy as Seagal was about the only good thing in this skit. Period


Britney Spears

This sucked


Normally I would have been wondering why this is on again, but then I thought about it and realized that this was one of the better things on this show today. Seriously!

Democrats versus Howard Dean

This was real good. With Jimmy as Clark, I'm kind of hoping that Wesley passes up Dean, because his impression was good, and Jeff's Dean sucks. Of course, barring that Bush gets re-elected or not, After the first couple of times Richards plays Dean, we'll probably end the 2004-2005 season with a crap-ass Darrell Hammond as Howard Dean. Go figure.


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Weekend Update

This was a little lame, but thanks to "retro" stuff AKA Al Franken's recurring bit, it made up for everything.

Saddam and Osama

There's no way SNL was going to pass this up. Also, there was no way these two were going to go without laughing here.

Country Roses

Not very good!

Coco and Matsui

Thanks to Jennifer Aniston, this wasn't as bad as it could have been. Thanks to Jennifer Aniston, this was better than the one Fred and Maya did last year.



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Appalachian ER

Very great bit! I wonder if Franken had anything to do with this. Speaking of Franken, I wonder if SNL is slowly going to go back to basis and get funny people to write stuff that doesn't suck. Just think: only 31 more shows where Tina Fey is in charge of the writing. Unfortunately, I might be gone from the SNL train by then, due to my every-so-often why take a chance rule.

Raw Sex

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Thanks to this show, I'm actually going to speculate that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's show is off the hook next week. Well, it will probably suck, but it'll look good thanks to this show.

Overall Grade: D, and I could have given this an F, but the Cold Opening and Al Franken saved it.